Alconbury MS/HS

Welcome to RAF Alconbury and RAF Molesworth Communities.

Unite Summary

The 423d Force Support Squadron is responsible for providing an enhanced quality-of-life, facilities and programs for military, civilian and dependents in the RAF Alconbury and RAF Molesworth communities.

The 423d FSS provides manpower and personnel support, child development, youth programs, food service, lodging, sports/fitness, recreation/leisure activities, comprehensive readiness program, marketing/publicity, linen exchange, and mortuary operations for the RAF Alconbury & RAF Molesworth communities.

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Alconbury MS/HS

Alconbury MS/HS

Unit 5609
APO, AE 09470-5609

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.

DSN: 268-4400
Local: (+44) 01480-84-4400

School Hours:

8:00-4:00 (Monday-Friday)

Summer Hours: 8:30-4:00

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