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Fort Campbell -- First-place Essay Penned in Memory of Father

Fort Campbell Courier
Fort Campbell, KY | November 20, 2013

Some people don't accept the wars or respect the military. Others treat them as heroes or are thankful for their service. This is how Chad Trimble, my dad, was treated during and after his time of service. Private 1st Class Trimble was in 1-61 Cavalry, Currahee 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, Infantryman. He joined the year of 2006. During his service he was treated well and with respect by other Soldiers. Unless of course they were being punished so they'd harden up on him and the other Soldiers.  They'd make them run or do push-ups but that's the worst they'd do to them. Civilians of the U.S. that he's met have treated him with respect. When out, people would come up and shake his hand or say "thank you for your service." When out to eat people would even come up and ask if they could buy him a drink. When he went on the plane, they'd bump his seat up to first class. As he'd go back to his hometown, West Covina, Calif., people would come up and thank him because in California you don't always see a man walking around with an Army uniform on. They pretty much treated him as a hero.

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