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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Dexter Elementary School!

Dexter Elementary school is committed to the excellence of education through best practice and compassionate, dedicated teachers striving to help each student become independent thinkers who will learn from the past to create their own future.   

We have a math and reading goal at Dexter.  We want all students to improve Reading Comprehension and Math Communication.  We achieve these goals by implementing reading strategies of making connections to another text they have read, something they have experienced themselves or something they have experienced in the world around them.  In math, students use math vocabulary and Polya's four step method to solve problems.  We are extremely pleased with the success of our students in both reading and math.

Along the same line of thought, please consider these four suggestions to help us with the success of your child.   

  1. Find out what your child is expected to learn in their current grade.  You can do this by familiarizing yourself with the standards that will be taught in their grade level.  The grade level standards can be accessed through the following links:  Talk to your child's teacher frequently to find out how they are progressing toward meeting these standards.
  2. Attend school every day.  Children who arrive to school on time every day learn more and experience more success.
  3. Check the homework agendas or daily packets each night.  On Friday, please check Friday Folders for important information.  Know what homework has been assigned and help ensure it is completed and safely stored in their backpacks to return to school the following morning.  Getting into the habit of a specific study time, completing a task given and being organized for the following day will most assuredly be a life skill your child will use to create their own future. 
  4. Read to your child each day.  It's as simple as that.  Read, Read, Read!


Dexter Elementary School Newsletter
Dexter Elementary Autism Newsletter
Principal, Ms. Edwina Smith

Edwina Smith


Phone: (706) 545-3424
Fax: (706) 545-9106

Our Mission

To provide a safe and supportive learning environment enabling military children to develop to their fullest potential.  We offer all students the opportunity to achieve the skills and confidence necessary to develop into independent thinkers - capable of creating a vision for their future.

Our Vision 

We learn from the past to create our own future.

Writing Goal

By May 2016, all students will improve in writing by applying writing strategies and integrating their writing across the curriculum.

Math Goal

By May 2016, all students will improve in math by using models, math tools, games, writing, and vocabulary to solve mathematical problems.