• Welcome to Stowers Elementary School
  • Home of the Stallions
  • Proud Member of the Georgia/Alabama School District
  • Stowers School
  • 7791 Stowers Drive
  • Ft. Benning, GA 31905
  • Principal: Mr. Scott Sterry
    Assistant Principal:
    Ms. Sharon McGourty
  • Phone: (706) 544-2312
  • Fax: (706) 544-2349

Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

  • Get children to school on time. Make sure your child arrives to school before 8:30 to give him or her time to get unpacked and ready to begin with the rest of the class.
  • Do not send sick children to school.
  • Make sure children have all necessary supplies. Remember to replace/replenish school supplies periodically.
  • Make sure children have a healthy breakfast every day. Children who are hungry are not able to focus or do their best work.
  • If your child packs a lunch, please check to make sure it is nutritious and contains enough food to qualify as a lunch. Children who do not bring an appropriate lunch will be sent through the cafeteria line.
  • Ask your child about homework each day. Check over work to make sure it is completed and that it is accurate.
  • Do not do your child's work for him or her. If he or she has trouble with the work and does not understand how to do it, send a note to the teacher. Homework is an opportunity for your child to practice what has already been taught. Teachers want to see your child's work, not yours. Remember that homework should be completed within 30 minutes for children in grades K-2; within one hour for children in grade 3-5.
  • Look for the Tuesday Folder every Tuesday. Ask your child every day if he or she has any papers you need to see. Go through your younger child's book bag every day and remove papers and/or notes.
  • Schedule a conference with your child's teacher if you notice his or her grades are slipping, or if you notice that he or she is having a difficult time to understand assignments over an extended period of time.
  • Help your child develop responsibility by making him or her accountable for work or behavior. Don't allow him or her to make excuses for not following through on those responsibilities.
  • Each day ask your child to tell you at least one new thing he or she learned at school. Don't accept "nothing" or "I don't know" as the answer.
  • Stress the importance of education in your home. Make sure you child knows that it is a priority.


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