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DoDEA GradeSpeed - Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students
DoDEA GradeSpeed
Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students
Global IT Help Desk - (DoDEA Employees)
Global IT Help Desk
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CONUS Education Options Assessment (CEOA) - The DoD is fully aware of the importance of education
CONUS Education Options Assessment (CEOA)
The DoD is fully aware of the importance of education
Community Strategic Plan (CSP) - Volume I - School Years 2013/14 - 2017/18
Community Strategic Plan (CSP)
Volume I - School Years 2013/14 - 2017/18
4th & 5th Math

Sheep Farm                                            Ice Cream Shop

Movie Theater                                       Elephant Plant

Inca Temple                                          Sheep Farm

Math Magcian                                        Place Value to 100,000

Compare Whole Numbers                 Math Racing

Place Value Puzzler                              Mystery Place Value

Addition Igloo                                         Addition--3-digits

Understanding 1,000                            Addition to 1,000

Power Lines                                          Barrier Reef Subtraction

Subtraction to 3-Digits                           Subtraction to 5-Digits

Fill in Missing Digits--Subtraction    

Subtracting Against Zeros                   Subtraction Word Problems

Subtraction Word Problems 2               Subtract 4 or more Digits

Carnival Parade (add & subt)                 Hamburger Restaurant

Llama Farm                                          Multiply--Native American Village

Music Center Multiplication                 Multiply 1-digit Times Larger Digits

Multiplication Word Problems

Multiply 3 or More Numbers                 Estimate Products                                  Homerun Derby

Knights of Math Multiplication           Tony's Tires

Dino Disco                                            2-Digit X 2-Digit

Jelly Fish Fruit Snack Division        Division--Variety 

Division Shoot                                      Popup Division

More Division                                      Divide with Remainders

Divide 2-Digit Numbers                   Soccer--Add Decimals

Hoop Shoot--Decimals                  Baseball Decimals

Soccer Decimals                             Basketball Decimals

Illustrated Decimals                       Decimals in Words

Place Value in Decimals                Equivalent Decimals

Convert Fractions to Decimals     Convert Decimals & Fractions

Time--Variety                                      Time Games

Elasped Time                                       Convert Time

More Elasped Time                             Fraction Review

Fractions on Number Lines              Mixed Numbers

Fraction of a Number                           Compare Fractions

Put Fractions in Order                         Number Patterns

Increasing Number Patterns             Round Numbers to 100

Rounding Basics                                 Rounding--Variety

Rounding                                             Rounding PUzzles

Rounding Match                                 Customary Weight

Customary Weight 2                        Customary Distance

Customary Distance 2                       Customary Capacity

Ruler Game                                          Estimate Length

Weigh Objects                                      Weigh It Up

Mr. Pip's Fruit Balance                        Measurement Game

Inches to Feet                                     Feet to Yards & Feet

Cups to Quarts                                    Metric Soup

Can You Fill It?                            Do You Have Enough Money?

Compare Money Amounts               Matching Money

Money Fruit Shoot                            Bus Drivers Math

Making Change                                Cash Out

Making Change                               Coin Value

Counting Money                             Classifying Triangles

Classify Geometric Figures     Polygon or Not

3D Shapes Game                      Polygons

Pictograms                                  Data Picking

Interpreting Data                          Bar Graphs

Picture Maker                                What's the Point  

Billy Bug                                         Circle Graph Activity


Our Vision

Academic Excellence, Responsible Citizenship, Future Ready

Our Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

School Improvement Goals

Goal 1:

All students will improve their written communication skills across the curriculum.
Essence: The essence of this statement is that students will be able to express ideas clearly and effectively in writing.

Goal 2:

All students will improve in math problem solving and reasoning.
Essence: The essence of this statement is that students will be able to solve problems applying strategies to demonstrate and communicate mathematical thinking.