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Special Instructional Programs

EA White Elementary School serves a diverse cultural population of students and offers a variety of programs in an effort to meet unique individual needs. As appropriate, students may require specialized assistance in a small or whole group setting to address curricular concerns in math, language arts, or reading.

Remedial Reading, Language Arts and Math  

  • The remedial math and reading programs concentrate on students who score below the 25th percentile in reading, language arts and/or math on standardized test scores.
  • Students who score below the 50th percentile may be considered for services accompanied by parent and/or teacher recommendation.
  • The program is designed to equip students with strategies that support critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students apply these strategies to subjects across the curriculum.


Our Mission

To develop student excellence in diverse military community through a nurturing environment. 

Our Vision 

We aspire to provide an environment for student excellence in academics, behavior, and leadership that result in lifelong learners who contribute to a global society.

Our Purpose

At Edward A. White School, we work together to create a strong mind, healthy body, and giving spirit so that we can be the best we can be.

Goal 1

K - 3 students will improve in reading comprehension across the curriculum.

4 - 5 students will improve in writing across the curriculum.

Goal 2

All students will improve in language usage across the curriculum