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Lil' Cougars

Welcome to Mrs. L's and Mrs. S's Kindergarten Class

I'm looking forward to working with your child this year.  Mrs. S is our educational aide and she will be working closely with your child also.  Here are some suggestions that will help us work together as a strong team all year long. 


School starts promptly at 9:00.  Please be on time! Students are released to go to class at 8:50 a.m.  If your child is eating breakfast they need to be here at 8:25 a.m. in order to have plenty of time to eat and get to class on time. The breakfast line closes at 8:50 a.m. 

Routines & Behavior

  Children need to be able to follow the routines and listen to the teacher.  Your child is expected to behave in school.  During work time, your child is expected to work (includes coloring, drawing, cutting, gluing, etc.)  During free choice center time, your child will be able to make some choices.  Most center time will involve activities the teacher selects. Children who don't behave or don't get their work done on time will have less "free choice" time when it is offered.  

Personal Information

Your child will be learning his/her legal name, address, and phone number.  Please notify me as soon as possible whenever any of the following changes:

  • phone #
  • different babysitter
  • mom/dad is in the field, deployed, etc. 


We don't have parties in the classroom but you are welcome to bring one cupcake for your child at lunch time (11:20) .

Class Work

We work very hard in Kindergarten.  The children will learn the alphabet and their sounds, read color words & numbers words to 10, Wilson's 100 Kindergarten High Frequency words, count to 100, name numbers to at least 20, match sets to 0-20, and much, much, more! 


Check your child's book bag and Bee Folders daily.  Take out the old papers and go over them with your child.  It's important to reinforce at home what we are doing at school.  Thank you so much for your help!  There is also a monthly homework calendar with assignments to do. There may be additional homework in your child's Bee Folder that is not written on the Homework Calendar. 

  • Read with your child daily. 
  • Go over the letters, sounds, words, etc. 
  • Practice cutting on the lines (thumb goes on top when you hold the scissors) and coloring inside the lines with smooth strokes.

You can practice these skills with free coloring pages from the Internet. Please make sure that an adult supervises homework time – be encouraging and also make any corrections needed on the spot. 


We send home weekly updates and information at least once a week by email. Other important school information will be sent home in your child's Bee Folder. Please be on the lookout for updated information.   


We place a great emphasis on handwriting.   We will be learning correct strokes and letter formations.  Proper pencil grip needs to be enforced when using crayons and pencils.  Please reinforce this at home, too.  Have your child practice writing their name kindergarten style – first letter capital, all others lowercase (unless your child's name is an exception to the rule).  A model of the "kindergarten way" of printing the letters was passed out.  


We will check out books once a week on Wednesdays.  All books need to be returned by Wednesday.

Speech & Grammar

Now is the time to make sure that you are correcting your child's improper grammar and speech.  This will really help us in the classroom.  Model the correct sound or whatever the problem area may be.  This needs to be corrected as quickly as possible so that it does not become a hard habit to break.  These errors can affect their writing, spelling and future standardized tests.  Examples:  

  • "Him gots my book" – should be "He has my book"
  • "The cherry is wed" – should be "The cherry is red." 

Thank you so much for your diligence and patience with this part of growing up.


There are good sites that the children will have access to at home found in our Independent Learning & Homework Help pages.  However, please note that it will be more beneficial if you sit alongside them as they work on these sites.  

Raz-kids.com is one good site. Each student has a user name to access this site. There are different books for the children to read and test to measure their comprehension. 

If you have any questions or concerns anytime during the year, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I will be happy to schedule a conference or do a telephone conference with you.  

Thank you so much for all your help!  Together we will make a great team!  

 Heart with flowers on each side

Teacher Contact Information

Phone:  (706) 545-5723

Early Release Day is Every Tuesday

School gets out at 2:15 on Tuesdays, all other days end at 3:30.

Bee Folders

Please do not keep checked papers and paper books in your child's Bee Folder more than one week. The weight of these papers weakens and tears the folders apart.

Class Rules
  1. Respect others.
  2. Follow directions.
  3. Respect school and personal property.

Daily Schedule
  • 8:25 Breakfast
  • 8:55 Walk to classrooms
  • 9:05 Morning Announcements, Pledge
  • 11:10 Lunch
  • 3:30 Dismissal (2:15 on Tuesdays)

Enrichment & PE Schedule
  • Art - Tuesday
  • Guidance - Every other Thursday
  • Spanish - Wednesday
  • Music - Monday & Friday
  • PE - Wednesday
  • Library - Thursday
  • Computer Lab - Thursday
Our Mission

To educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

Our Vision

To serve the needs of Our Military's Children so that they will excel in learning and life.

School Improvement Goals

Goal 1: By June of 2016, all students will improve in mastery of reading and writing strategies, and demonstrate their understanding of text comprehension through written communication with explicit instruction as measured by local and standardized assessments.

Goal 2: By June of 2016, all students will improve in proficiency in reading comprehension by using graphic organizers, in conjunction with explicit comprehension instruction, as measured by local and standardized assessments.