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Physical Education (PE) Class

 I heart Physical Education

Welcome to Wilson PE!

Your K- 5 student(s) will have physical education class twice per week for at least 30 minutes.

My goals for this year include helping your student improve his/her motor skills and body awareness. I also hope to help increase his/her level of physical fitness while promoting a safe , healthy and active lifestyle. Please help me with my goals by encouraging your student(s) to be physically active.

DoDEA Physical Education Standards

Student Expectations

Students are expected to be prepared to actively participate every day during  P.E. 

Follow Class Rules.

Students who demonstrate exemplary behavior can be rewarded in a number of ways. These include being a PE line leader, equipment helper or skill demonstrator. 

Students who choose not to follow class rules earn consequences that include: 

  • verbal warning(s)
  • time in a thinking area
  • a note or phone call home
  • an office referral


Field Day

Field Day at Wilson is a session (morning or afternoon depending on student age) of non-competitive fun. Students are encouraged to bring water to drink and dress appropriately for a day of activities (some wet). Sample PE Field Day Activities: 

  • Hole in the Cup Relay
  • Drip, Drip, Drop
  • Rope Pull
  • Black Light Dance Off
  • T-Shirt Relay
  • Sponge Relay


Teacher Contact Information

Phone:  (706) 545-5723


Please remind your student to dress for safety and success for PE class

Shoes need to fit securely and have closed toes and heels. High heels, platform shoes, shoes with wheels and sandals are not permitted as they are not safe for PE. Students will not be able to participate if their attire poses a safety risk. Students wearing skirts/dresses need to wear shorts

Class Rules
  • Respect yourself- I will always do my best.
  • Respect others- I will treat others the same way I want to be treated.
  • Respect the equipment- I will take care of the equipment and use it safely.

Information Links

Fitness Gram Frequently Asked Questions

President's Council of Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Our Mission

To educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

Our Vision

To serve the needs of Our Military's Children so that they will excel in learning and life.

School Improvement Goals

Goal 1: By June of 2016, all students will improve in mastery of reading and writing strategies, and demonstrate their understanding of text comprehension through written communication with explicit instruction as measured by local and standardized assessments.

Goal 2: By June of 2016, all students will improve in proficiency in reading comprehension by using graphic organizers, in conjunction with explicit comprehension instruction, as measured by local and standardized assessments.