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Dr. Lisa Coleman

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Severe Weather Procedures and Information for Fort Benning Schools

School Closings

Before the School Day Begins

If it becomes necessary to cancel school due to inclement weather parents will be notified through our One Call Now telephone system as well as  listen to local radio or TV stations in the morning for information about school cancellation for the day.  

After the School Day Has Begun 

Once the school day has begun, every effort will be made to keep school in session for the entire day.   Many of our children have two working parents, and we understand the problems that early dismissal might cause. 

The decision to close school during the day is announced as soon as possible through our One Call Now telephone system as well as on local radio and TV.  It is important for parents to stay tuned to a local station if they suspect possible school closings. 

Under the best conditions, it takes approximately two hours from the time an early dismissal decision is made until the last bus leaves a school. Children who ride a bus home from school, can expect to start arriving home any time from thirty minutes to over two hours after the dismissal decision is made. It is important for parents to discuss the possibility of an early closing due to inclement weather with their children. Establishing a plan for such occasions will help to eliminate confusion and worry for the child and will provide assurance for the parent and the school that the child is safe and secure.

The contact information on record with the school will be used for notifications.  Please inform the school whenever your contact information changes.

Note:  Your child's school may also notify you of important announcements using the One Call Now telephone notification system.