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FRPS Nursing Services

School Nurse

My mission is to assist the teachers as a resource in teaching the Health Standards for personal and community health, nutrition and physical activity, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and to be prepared for any medical problems that occur at school. I try to make my teaching as fun as possible. Super Germ Fighter and Power Panther are a couple of the characters I use to assist me. Prevention is my goal. I try to teach the children and staff how to keep them as healthy as possible. I also screen every student coming into the school yearly for vision and hearing and make referrals if needed. Parents are contacted by me whenever students are absent to see what types of symptoms are going around. Keeping me abreast of any medical conditions your child has will help enable me to serve him/her better. Good health is important for "good learning."

Either a substitute or I are in the clinic whenever there are children in the building. I make sure all the students are current on their immunizations and screen children for contagious illnesses. I am a CPR/AED certified instructor. We have several staff members who are CPR/AED certified. Our school has 2 Automated External Defibrillators (AED's). One is in the front lobby and the other is located at the end of the second hall outside the music room. I keep my staff informed on health issues concerning the students in their charge and keep them updated on how to treat these conditions.

FRPS Nurse

Health Standards
Good Nutrition Standards Include:

Pre-K:  Describe appropriate food choices for snacks.

Kindergarten: Identify snack foods that help the teeth and body.

1st Grade: Identify food groups that constitute a healthful diet.

Together we can eat nutritionally and make healthy choices. We can encourage each other to make better choices. We can select good choices from the school menu and choose to eat the foods from the 5 important food groups before we eat our desserts. Moms and dads can pack our lunches with healthy selections. We can make a choice to save the sweets for last. Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day is a good choice. Teachers and parents can set good examples.

Why did they choose their sandwich, grapes and oranges before eating their brownies?

Personal & Community Standards Include:

Pre-K:  Recognize age-appropriate disease prevention behaviors such as; covering your mouth, using tissues, and washing and drying hands.

Kindergarten:  List ways germs are spread, describe how to protect self from health dangers such as: open cuts, sharing food and toys, and physical contact

1st Grade:  Explain why good hygiene is important for good health.

View the Super Germ Fighter Song on TeacherTube


Contact the Nurse

Phone:  334-255-2822

Over the Counter Medication Policy
  • No over the counter medication will be given to students during the school day without a prescription. (This includes such medication as Tylenol, Tums, Benadryl, Bacitracin, Calamine lotion).
  • Students may not carry any medications during school or school sponsored events  

Prescription Medication Policy
  • Only prescription medication will be given at school.
  • A medical authorization from the doctor and approval from the parent/guardian are necessary for a prescription medication to be given at school.
  • Prescriptions must be in separately labeled bottle(s), provided by the pharmacy, containing only that medication to be taken at school. If the medication is to be given daily or intermittently over an extended period of time, please ask the doctor for an additional bottle designated for school use. The parent/guardian should transport medication to and from school. 

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