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Community Strategic Plan (CSP) - Volume I - School Years 2013/14 - 2017/18
Community Strategic Plan (CSP)
Volume I - School Years 2013/14 - 2017/18
DoDEA GradeSpeed - Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students
DoDEA GradeSpeed
Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students

Gifted Program

About Our Program

We provide appropriate educational services for students who are identified as gifted students. Our goal is to identify students with high potential and exceptional performance and to offer challenges that match those strengths. Children need a school environment that helps them realize their potential and instills in them a desire to use their talents and abilities. Students who perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high levels when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment have learning needs which require differentiated learning experiences. Use the links to the right to learn more about Gifted Education.

News and Notes

Unit Resources


Electing a President
Information from Pocantico Hills School
Election Process
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.
Kids Pick the President
Learn about what goes in to a Presidential election on this Nickelodeon website.
Kids Voting USA
Students learn about democracy through a combination of classroom activities, family dialogue and an authentic voting experience.
My Voice My Election
National Student Mock Election
Presidential Trivia
Trivia about U.S. Presidents from infoplease.com
Social Studies for Kids
How the President is Elected.
U.S. Electoral College
Information from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

Solar System

F9 Kids
Play space-related games
Make a Solar System Game
Astronomy Games For Kids
NASA Photojournal
Images of the Solar System
Solar System
The planets of our solar system for kids
Solar System Exploration
Information on space exploration from NASA
Solar System Exploration:  Planets
Portion of NASA's Solar System Exploration website dedicated to Planets

Simple Machines and Robotics

Edheads - Simple Machines
Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed!
Inventor's Toolbox
Museum of Science:  The Elements of Machines
Kid Science Link
Robots & Robotics Index for Kids
MegaGiant Robotics
You'll find cool museum exhibits, sites showcasing other people’s robots, some games, and lots of LEGO® links. The MegaGiant Robotics Lab is a great place for kids to learn about robotics.
Mi Kids
Photographic examples of wheels and axles
Books for kids about Robots
Robotics Learning
LEGO Robotics Activities and Classes.
Science Reporters:  Simple Machines
Hello, science reporters! I challenge you to learn about the six types of simple machines. Then find an example of one you've seen at school, home, or anywhere and write about it.
Simple Machines
General information about simple machines.


A is for . . .
English-Japanese Dictionary
A Kid's Life in Japan
Includes cultural information as well as authentic photos.
Activity Village
Japanese culture for kids
Digital Dialects - Japanese
Read and listen to Japanese words and phrases.
Edo Castle
Edo was the ancient capital of Japan. Go to this site for a virtual tour of the city.
Facts About Japan
Information about Japan
Japanese Games
Japanese computer games
Japanese fruits and vegetables
JP NET Kimono Hypertext
History of the Kimono
Kids Web Japan
A very detailed site with many facts and activities about Japan.

Thinking Skills

More Internet Links

Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music.

An object-oriented puzzle game, where players solve puzzles by guiding a ball through a maze, in which the player must construct a pathway from start to finish. Players can also create and publish their own puzzles for others to play.


Our mission is to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing, guiding, and challenging all of our students to achieve their maximum potential.


Our goal is to prepare students intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically to be responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

Math Goal

All students will improve their abilities to solve problems.

Litaracy Goal

All students will improve reading comprehension.