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    Reading Resource

    Children in Reading Resource

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    Holiday Break Letter 2014
    Reading Is Fundamental


    Reading with your child

    I am really enjoying reading with each of your children in small literacy groups.   These groups are composed of 3 children per session.  We meet daily for 30 minutes except on Wednesdays when we meet for 20 minutes. 

    I have been further evaluating your child's knowledge of literacy skills in order to best meet his/her needs.  After my evaluations are complete, each session will include reading, writing and word-work (letter sound) components.

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing with your child every day!  This is NOT meant to be overwhelming to either of you.  You should be able to read the books in 5-10 minutes and spend an additional 5 minutes working on word cards.  Our goal with these early books is fluency and familiarity of sight words.  All of the books have pictures to support a repetitious text ("I see a plane" with a picture of a plane).  The "I see a" portion repeats and includes the words your child should be reading fluently in the text, although he may not yet recognize them on flashcards.  The word "plane" is not expected to be decoded easily at this time which is why the picture is included.  It's perfectly fine (as well as necessary in most cases) for your child to use the picture clues.  It is one of the strategies that I will encourage in my lessons.  Please note:  You may see some books more than once.  Practice fluent phrasing with these.

    The following lists what a child should do when they meet a "tricky word.

    1. Look at the picture.
    2. Notice the sound the word begins with.
    3. Get ready to make the sound.
    4. Read it again and make the sound (many times the correct word will "pop out" after this step).
    5. Still stuck?  Think about what makes sense.
    6. Read it again.  read past the word to see if the end of the reading will help.
    7. Sound it out letter by letter.

    I want your child to be a successful reader.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Our mission is to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing, guiding, and challenging all of our students to achieve their maximum potential.


    Our goal is to prepare students intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically to be responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

    Math Goal

    All students will improve their abilities to solve problems.

    Literacy Goal

    All students will improve reading comprehension.


    Reading Links

    Dolch Sight Words
    Mrs.Perkins' Dolch Words is a website dedicated to providing teachers and parents with everything they need to teach Dolch sight words to their children.
    Fall News
    Fall News 2013-Reading Resource
    Fun ways to read with your child.
    You have a big influence on your child when you read together. Learn how to make the most of this special time. greatschools.com
    Holiday Reading Chart
    Holiday Reading Chart Reading Resource
    Parents Guide/Reading Skills Development
    Help your child learn to read.

    Belt Words

    karate panda 

    "Belt" words are the most commonly used words in the primary level reading and writing (sight words). The list is broken into levels beginning with white.  The following videos will help children practice these sight words. A word will appear on the screen. Students have 3 seconds to say the word before they hear the spoken word.

    Classroom Behavior

    Good classroom behavior must be maintained at all times, in order to guarantee your child and all students in my classroom an excellent learning environment.

    Class Rules

    • I will follow directions.
    • I will keep hands, feet, and things to myself.
    • I will use a quite voice.
    • I will always do my best.


    • Praise
    • Notes to parents
    • Treats
    • Special activities


    • 1st time - Verbal warning
    • 2nd time -Time Out
    • 3rd time - No Free time
    • 4th time - Call parents
    • 5th time - Send to Principal's Office