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Special Education

Class Letter 2015


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Kindergarten - 1st Grade Program

You will receive a blue folder from my class several days during the week.  Please assist your child with homework assignments.

  • Assignments will be noted on the colored homework sheet inside of the folder.
  • Please initial the sheet when the homework is completed
  • Return initialed homework sheet with the folder the following day.

Belt Words

karate panda 

"Belt" words are the most commonly used words in the primary level reading and writing (sight words). The list is broken into levels beginning with white.  The following videos will help children practice these sight words. A word will appear on the screen. Students have 3 seconds to say the word before they hear the spoken word.

Websites of Interest

Early learning activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten
Dr. Jean
Songs and Activities for young children
Enchanted Learning
Children's educational web sites and games designed to stimulate creativity, learning, enjoyment, and imagination.
Preschool Pintables
Timesaving downloads for common preschool activities
SEN Teacher
Free teaching resources for special education
Speaking of Speech
Information about speech and language development of children and how to improve communication skills.


SPED Program Information

Classroom Behavior

Good classroom behavior must be maintained at all times, in order to guarantee your child and all students in my classroom an excellent learning environment.

Class Rules

  • I will follow directions.
  • I will keep hands, feet, and things to myself.
  • I will use a quite voice.
  • I will always do my best.


  • Praise
  • Notes to parents
  • Treats
  • Special activities


  • 1st time - Verbal warning
  • 2nd time -Time Out
  • 3rd time - No Free time
  • 4th time - Call parents
  • 5th time - Send to Principal's Office


Our mission is to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing, guiding, and challenging all of our students to achieve their maximum potential.


Our goal is to prepare students intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically to be responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

Math Goal

All students will improve their abilities to solve problems.

Literacy Goal

All students will improve reading comprehension.