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Grooming and Dress

Students are encouraged to take pride in their dress and conduct. All students are expected to dress neatly. Clothing should be appropriate, comfortable and not embarrassing or distracting to others. Students must observe and maintain healthy personal hygiene. Grooming is discouraged during class time. Students shall be required to dress appropriately in accordance with the following requirements to maintain social standards appropriate to a proper learning atmosphere. The following are minimal expectations for dress:

  • Student dress should be in a manner that is safe, appropriate, does not present a danger, and/or does not distract from or disrupt the school climate.
  • Tee Shirts or other garments which depict violence, sex, vulgarity or other inappropriate scenes or wording are not permitted.
  • Clothing that is too tight or too short is not acceptable.
  • Caps, hats and other headgear should be put away once school grounds are reached.
  • Tennis shoes are required.
  • Biker shorts and other tight or binding clothing should be covered with a skirt.
  • Blouses/shirts must cover mid-section, No spaghetti-straps or muscle shirts.
  • Shorts must be worn under dresses.
  • Overall straps/suspenders must be fastened.
  • No dangling earrings or hoops are permitted.
  • No hats/kerchiefs for boys OR girls.
  • No sprayed hair or distracting hairstyles.

The student may be sent home or parents may be requested to bring a change of clothing to the school if dress is inappropriate.


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