Emergency Procedures

Each school has emergency action plans developed in conjunction with the appropriate installation plans.  These plans are exercised throughout the year both within the school, and as part of the installation’s exercise plans.

Severe Weather Procedures

GA/AL District: Safety & Security

Campus Security

School security is a national concern. Throughout the United States, youth crime and violence threaten to undermine the safety of our students' learning environment. Since the Department of Defense Education Activity Americas (DoDEA Americas) represents a cross-section of Americana, all partners in our community education process must understand and support the principles underlying a safe and secure learning environment as applied to creating a safe school. The underlying principles all relate to student rights to a safe and secure learning environment:

  • free from the threat or fear of physical violence.
  • free from drugs, alcohol, weapons and other prohibited items.
  • free from hazing, bullying or intimidation.
  • free from gang or criminal activity.

See the GA/AL District Campus Security Policy for more information.


DoDEA schools do not tolerate bullying in any form. Students who engage in willful acts that cause physical or emotional harm to other students, or vandalize personal property to intimidate will face suspension. 

Harassment of all types is a form of bullying and will be subject to immediate school level consequences. Sexual harassment includes verbal, non-verbal, and physical contact – all will receive equal disciplinary consequences.


  • First Offense: Conference/Detention
  • Second Offense: Detention/Suspension
  • Third Offense: Suspension

DoDEA's Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program