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Schools offer Sneak-a-peek

Nathan Pfau, Army Flier Staff Writer

Army Flyer
Fort Rucker, AL | August 5, 2013

Knowing what’s coming is key to keeping ahead of the game, and Fort Rucker schools want to make sure that parents and their children are prepared for the upcoming school year.

Fort Rucker Primary School and Fort Rucker Elementary School are offering their Sneak-a-Peek events Monday to give a chance for parents and teachers to meet the teachers, see the classrooms and become familiar with the school before the official first day of class.

“This will give (parents and students) a little bit of comfort,” said Vickie Gilmer, FRES principal. “By walking into the building, finding their classroom and meeting their teachers, they get those little jitters out.”

“It’s also a great opportunity to renew acquaintances with students and parents,” added Deborah Deas, FRPS principal. “I know a lot of students that are returning, so I like to talk with the parents, greet them and tell them how excited we are that they’re coming back – it’s a good chance to see everyone again.”

The FRPS Sneak-a-Peek will be from 3-4 p.m., and the FRES Sneak-a-Peek will be from 3:30-4:30 p.m., and both offer a way for parents and teachers to familiarize themselves with the schools and get a peek at what the coming year has in store.

“This is just a quick little buffet of what we have to offer the children,” said Gilmer. “The tutor lab will be here (at the elementary school) in terms of tutoring assistance, (representatives) of the Parent Teacher Association will be here, and even members from (the Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation).”

It’s important for parents to meet teachers that will be interacting with their children to not only keep their minds at ease, but to help develop communication and a stronger Family unit, said the principals.

“I think (this event) has a tremendous impact on parents and their children,” said Deas. “It really helps the parents be at ease sending their children to school everyday and knowing that they’re going somewhere that is a safe, secure environment.”

“Also, the communication between parents and teachers is just invaluable,” added Gilmer. “The children need to know that this is a team effort and we really pride ourselves here on that. We call this the FRES Family, and that extends, not only from the teachers to students, but to the parents as well.”

With the furloughs in full swing, the calendar year is shorter by five days – 175 days instead of 180 – but both principals assure parents that although the days have been sacrificed, academics will not.

“The furlough will not have any affect on our academics and classroom instruction at all,” said Deas. “We teach to standards and we will teach those standards and make sure all the students are prepared for the next grade or receiving school.”

Both the primary and elementary school received numerous accolades for academic achievement during the ‘12-‘13 calendar year, and Gilmer said they look forward to the challenges of the coming year.

“Our ‘12-‘13 school year was just phenomenal – our test scores were off the charts,” said the elementary school principal. “We’re really looking forward to continuing that path of excellence.”

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