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Student Activities

Art Club


Art Club is a fun activity for children who loving doing "art stuff."

  • Who can participate: All ages and abilities.
  • How to join:  When a child is interested, he or she can sign up (sign -up sheet outside the art door) and may attend if there is an available opening and if they brought a permission slip.
  • When:  Before AND after school on Wednesdays.
  • What we do:  We try to do a variety of art activities that include:  painting, drawing, collage. Activities can be successfully completed no matter what age.

There are no fees or dues.

Robotics Team



When preparing for competitions, our Robotics Team meets after school each day except Tuesday and Friday.  Interested students may contact Mrs. H. to complete an application to join the team.


Drama Club


Homework Club


Grades 3-8 Homework Club meets every Tuesday at 3:15 on Gunter and every Wednesday and Thursday at 3:15 on Maxwell.   

Thanks to our partners in education who help students complete their assignments and feel successful.  

Please join them whenever you need any assistance with your homework.

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