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Food Services

+*Cafeteria Procedures

Maxwell School serves lunch each day.   

We ask parents to encourage your child to eat a well-balanced meal each day.  Lunch choices include 2 meats (choose 1), 5 vegetables (choose 2), milk (white or chocolate) and dessert (occasionally). Snacks and bottled water are available at lunch for an additional cost.

Payment for lunch can be made daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly at school or via the Internet at  If a child is pre-paying for lunch, the money should be brought to the collection clerk in the morning.  Prepayments must be made before 10:00 AM to ensure credit is properly given. Students that do not have lunch money may charge that day's lunch. The school does not allow students to charge lunch two days in a row. Parents must send the money in the next day. 

PreK students are encouraged to join us for lunch with a parent.

Menu Pricing

Charges for a meal including milk

Full Price
Reduced Price
Lunch $2.60 $0.40
Extra Milk $0.50

Parents/students/staff are not allowed to bring condiments such as ketchup, mustard, etc., to the school cafeteria during breakfast/lunch time.

Cafeteria Rules
  1. Enter the serving line once.
  2. Use silverware, napkins, etc. properly.
  3. Do not share with others.
  4. Eat only in the cafeteria.
  5. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  6. Talk softly and pleasantly to the people at your table.
  7. Refrain from running.
  8. Clean up your own spills and trash.

Milk and Juice Break

Students are provided an optional milk/juice break during the day.  Students can bring their own nutritious drink from home or they can choose to buy milk or juice at school.  Soft drinks are not considered a nutritious drink. Credit for absences during the month will be given the following month.  Please advise your child to select white milk for either snack or lunch, so that your child is not always choosing chocolate milk.

Online Prepay
Lunch Guests

Parents are invited to have lunch with their child in the cafeteria during their designated lunch time.  All adult lunches are a la carte and each item is priced individually.  The DoDEA Food Services Regulations prohibit patrons to bring in outside food (McDonalds, KFC) to eat for school lunch.

Free and Reduced Price Meals

Families who apply and are qualified receive free or reduced price meals.

  • See the DDESS Child Nutrition page for more information and to download the application for Free and Reduced Price Meal Benefits. 
  • Please notify the Child Nutrition Program if you have a child beginning school this year whose sibling was in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program last year.
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Applications for those children who were in the system last year must be renewed each year within the first thirty (30) calendar days of the school year. 


Instill the whole child concept in a 21st century learning environment by educating and empowering our students for a dynamic world.


To be leaders in 21st century education, preparing and inspiring generations of learners to meet the challenges of the global society.

Core Values

  • Educating the whole child fosters academic, social, physical, and emotional well-being in a safe environment.
  • 21st century learning environments are student-centered, differentiated, stimulating and relevant to help each student realize his or her fullest potential.
  • High-performing educators and leaders make a difference in student success.
  • Family and community partnerships are vital to student success.
  • School culture supports and reinforces healthy lifestyles (mind and body).

Elementary School Goals

Measurement:  All students will improve their measurement skills across the curriculum.

Writing Strategies:  Elementary students will improve their abilities to write in an organized, grade-level appropriate manner.

Middle School Goals

Measurement:  All students will improve their measurement skills across the curriculum.

Reading:  Middle School students will improve their ability to evaluate and extend meaning of text.