GA/AL Policy/Procedure

Maxwell AFB E/MS Severe Weather Information  

During severe weather warnings, parents are welcome to sit with their children and encouraged to take shelter in the schools as needed. Maxwell Elementary Middle School will be open every day unless the base is closed. Once the school day has begun, students will not be dismissed until the end of the school day except in cases of extreme emergency

You may be notified of important announcements using the One Call Now telephone notification system. The phone numbers used in this system are pulled from the contact information that you have given the school, so be sure that you notify the school of any change in phone numbers.  

Maxwell Weather Station 

Please Remember: Maxwell AFB Elementary/Middle School is not part of the Alabama Public School System.

Closings Before the School Day Begins 

If it becomes necessary to cancel school due to inclement weather, parents should listen to local radio or TV stations in the morning for information about school cancellation for the day.  

Closings After the School Day Has Begun 

Once the school day has begun, every effort will be made to keep school in session for the entire day. Many of our children have two working parents and we understand the problems that early dismissal might cause. The decision to close school during the day is announced as soon as possible on local radio and TV. It is important for parents to discuss the possibility of an early closing due to inclement weather with their children. Establishing a plan for such occasions will help to eliminate confusion and worry for the child and will provide assurance for the parent and the school that the child is safe and secure. 

In the event of possible cancellation, please stay informed through local media resources.  In addition, the One Call System will be activated, and if possible, a notice will be placed on the school website.

Base Closings 

MEMS will be open each day of the scheduled session unless the base is closed. In the event of a base-wide power outage and you cannot reach a secretary to deliver an URGENT message, please call 334.953.4339 or 334.953.5302. These numbers are for ESSENTIAL calls ONLY during power outages.

If an Emergency Evacuation of the School is Ordered

The first priority of staff members will be to get students to the designated shelter and maintain accountability of all students. Release of students will be handled in accordance with our Crisis Management Plan with support from other base agencies.  


When lightening is observed or detected within the immediate vicinity of the school, students and staff must immediately take shelter in any of the following: 

  • buildings that are protected against lightening
  • protected underground shelters
  • large metal framed buildings
  • enclosed vehicles (i.e. cars or buses)
  • areas that are shielded by nearby buildings.

All outdoor activity must cease 30 minutes before and after a thunderstorm.

Bus Delays

There is the potential of delays in bus transportation when lightening is within 5 miles of the base. During lightening storms, please anticipate delays