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FCHS Homework Policy

Research clearly shows that homework is essential to academic success.  At FCHS, part of our mission is to ensure that all of our students are academically successful.  After an absence it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the make-up work and complete all assignments in a prompt and orderly manner.  With a block schedule, students must report to teachers whose classes they missed on the first day they return back to school.  As a general rule, students will be given one school day to make up work for each excused absence in order to receive full credit for the assignment. 

Homework Club

Any student with two or more late assignments in any one class at the end of the week will be assigned to the homework club.  The homework club meets Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:45 – 3:45.  At the end of the assigned time period, the student must obtain signatures from all his/her teachers verifying that all missing tests/assignments are completed in order for that student to be excused from the homework club.  Homework club members will be eligible to ride the activity bus.

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