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FCHS Policies and Procedures - Athletic Eligibility

FCHS is a member of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) and follow all rules and policies accordingly.

The following summarizes the KHSAA eligibility rules.

  1. A student must meet academic and citizenship standards on Friday in order to be eligible to participate in athletics during the next seven days.
  2. A student is ineligible if he/she turns 19 years old before September 1 of the school year.
  3. Athletes must live at home with their parents or legal guardians.

In addition to KHSAA eligibility, FCHS athletic policy includes:

  1. A student's academic performance and effort must be commensurate with the student's ability in addition to following all school policies and KHSAA regulations.
  2. Academic
    • Initial eligibility:
      • Freshmen must have been promoted from 8th grade
      • Sophomores must have 6 credits
      • Juniors must have 12 credits
      • Seniors must have 19 credits
    • During the sport season, all students must maintain a current year Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 with no more than one 'F' on a weekly basis to maintain eligibility for athletic activities.
  3. Physical examination and parent consent:No student will participate in practice or athletic contests until a physical examination, signed by a licensed and practicing physician, and a Parental Consent Certificate, signed by a parent or legal guardian are on file.
  4. All FCHS athletes must exhibit proper attitude and citizenship at all times.  Misconduct in school will result in the student losing eligibility.
  5. If an athlete in suspended, he or she is ineligible for any practices that day, and the very next game that follows the suspension.  Repeated suspensions will result in the student being removed from all athletics.
  6. If a student-athlete is cut from one sport prior to the beginning of a season, he/she may try out for another sport during the same season.  A student will not be allowed to drop a sport in season to try out for an upcoming sport if he/she is a member of the sport squad at the time of the first game.  He/she will be declared ineligible to participate in another sport until completion of the season in progress
All questions should be addressed to the Athletic Director. 
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