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Todd Curkendall

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Superintendent's Corner

Back to School Message

On behalf of Camp Lejeune District Schools (CLDS), we welcome you back to what will be a great year.  We will continue to focus on high student achievement and positive relationships. We recognize the importance of partnerships with parents and invite you to take an active part in your child's education.   Know that our purpose is to provide rigorous standards-based learning opportunities grounded in DoDEA's core values. Our goal is not  only to provide a rigorous curriculum, but also to create a learning environment that motivates and ensures success for students of all ages, from preschool through twelfth grade.

We recognize the challenges that accompany military moves and deployments. Camp Lejeune District Schools provide a strong element of stability for your children. Our most important contribution is to remain focused on the educational mission and provide a stable environment for students, especially during times of stress. It is with your support and the strong commitment that we will continue to implement a variety of plans and strategies that create an atmosphere that eases students' transitions. 

We approach the new school year with enthusiasm and hope that you will share in our excitement as this school year progresses. Let's work together to encourage good attendance, consistent study habits, a strong work ethic, and positive conflict resolution.   As parents, you set the stage for school success. 

Again, welcome to CLDS.

Relationships Matter

If we are going to ensure that all children learn; that all students have the opportunity to dream, powerful and relevant relationships at all levels of our school community must help clarify philosophical differences and move educators and citizens, as communities of learners, toward meaningful compromise and functional agreement of a shared vision; a vision grounded in a common belief reflective of our stated goals and objectives.  Society needs creative, knowledgeable people who've had an opportunity to develop their talents and abilities.  The future of every community depends upon its ability to educate All of its youth and Camp Lejeune Dependent Schools is no exception.   It is not enough to believe that all children can learn.  All children must learn.  No excuses.

The goal is simple to articulate though not nearly so easy to accomplish.   Raise the bar and eliminate the gap for all children with respect to literacy and numeracy, emotional intelligence, thinking and problem solving, teamwork and collaboration; in other words, rigor, relevancy, relationships and responsibilities.

Both rigor and relevance must be built on relationships.  For many students, especially those at risk, the caring relationship must precede their engagement with subject matter.  Simply put, those of us who can influence this process have an innate responsibility to do so.

Relationships and cultural competence are very important elements in facilitating this process.  Building relationships is not about the flavor of the day.  It is about sustainability and having the moral resolve to realize that doing the right thing is simply not enough.  You must do the right thing for the right reasons.  

As your superintendent, I intend to continue to foster a persistent focus on teaching and learning and establishing meaningful relationships between and among everyone in our school community by making it central to everything I do.  To this end, I will continually and consistently communicate that providing students with optimum opportunities for learning is the shared mission of the entire school community by articulating core values that support a focus on powerful, equitable learning.

We all need to be flexible, adaptable and user-friendly communicators whose focus and vision rests squarely on educating our youth to levels that allow them to be successful in a global society.  But first we need to be able to communicate and establish relationships with each other and with each child, one at a time.  We must also understand the power of the dream.

I sincerely solicit your input in helping us realize these goals.

Relationships Truly Matter.

School Year Happenings

The 2015-2016 school year is off to a fantastic start!  The first quarter is coming to a close and we can hardly believe that fall is here.Our elementary teachers are working hard on implementing the College and Career Readiness Standards for Mathematics.  Many schools have held their parent information nights on the CCRSM standards and our first Parent University, held on October 22, provided parents with a snapshot look at a variety of activities that students take part in on a daily basis.  The middle school and high school are beginning to prepare for their migration to CCRSM standards and all are looking towards adoption of College and Career Readiness Standards for Language.  Several of our schools have received Makerbot 3D printers and we cannot wait to infuse these into the STEAM and CTE programs.

Dr. Boone also held the first Town Hall on October 15 at Lejeune High School.  Each of the seven schools gave a brief overview of  programs, events, and other exciting things that took place last year or this year.  

As the first quarter draws to an end, we look forward to hosting our first parent-teacher conference day on November 6. Your child's teacher should be contacting you soon to reserve your time.  

We hope everyone continues to join us in our Parent Universities and other programs as we continue to honor our commitment to education for all.

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