Dependent children who live with their military sponsor in designated family housing at Camp Lejeune, Midway Park, Tarawa Terrace, Knox Cove/Knox Landing and the Marine Corps Air Station are eligible to attend the Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools.  Read more about eligibility to attend NC-Camp Lejeune District Schools.

Military sponsors on the active waiting list to receive family housing within 90 school days may request a 90-Day Waiver from the Family Housing Office in Bldg TT43 at Tarawa Terrace in order to enroll their child(ren) in the school system. Transportation for such children is the responsibility of the parent. The waiver cannot be extended if family housing on the installation is not available and occupied on or before the expiration of the 90-day Waiver. The 90-Day Waiver also provides that should the member decline offered housing or remove themselves from the active waiting list, the child(ren) are no longer eligible to attend and must be withdrawn.

Age Requirements

By September 1st of the enrolling year a child must be:

  • 5 years old to enroll in Kindergarten.
  • 4 years old to enroll in Pre-Kindergarten
  • 6 years old to attend 1st Grade.

DoDEA Minimum Age Requirements Policy

NC-Camp Lejeune District Registration

Intent letters, sent home on April 18,  will be used for preparation and planning.  This is not your child's registration for the 2016-2017 school year.  A personalized re-registration packet will be created for each returning student, using the info currently on file at the school.  The sponsor/parent needs to appear at the re-registration event described below to review, update, and sign forms. 


Re-registration photo



If this is the first time you are registering your child(ren) in our schools, please go to the DoDEA Online Pre-Registration application.

Re-Registration Forms

The following forms are provided for your convenience, to complete and bring with you to your school's registration event.

Other Documents Needed

Visit our School Attendance Area page, or contact the District Registrar in the Superintendent's Office at 910-451-2461 For information about which school(s) your child(ren) will attend. School zones may change at the end of each school year.  See our Community Information page for more about the Camp Lejeune installation and the surrounding area if you are new to the Camp Lejeune community.

Request for Out of District Placement

Sponsor/Parent Request for Out of District form is to be used if a parent wants their legally enrolled student to attend a school other than the one designated for their housing assignment.

  • Out of District requests are considered based on the needs of the student (Special Education or a serious health condition for example).
  • Secondary consideration is given to the enrollment at both the assigned and requested schools in the affected grade level. Requests will not be reviewed until late July or early August, when the majority of school enrollments are complete and schools begin to make classroom assignments. A letter will be generated and mailed to the parent with a copy to both schools.
  • Only one request per family, no matter how many students are affected.
  • The Request for Out of District form can be obtained from the school office.
  • Parent/Sponsor completes the top portion and submits to their assigned school.
  •  The initiating school fills in the second part and sends a copy to the affected school/s.
  • Under the ENDORSEMENT, EACH SCHOOL affected should enter their enrollment number for the affected grade/s and anticipated pupil to teacher ratio (PTR).
  • Send to the Assistant Superintendent for review/determination.