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NC-Fort Bragg District Teacher of the Year

2013-2014 - Kelly Melvin


Teacher of the Year for NC: Fort Bragg, DDESS
Albritton Middle School - 6th - 8th Grade Physical Education Teacher
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Kelly Melvin has spent her entire DoDEA teaching career at Albritton Middle School, teaching Physical Education and Health since 1991. She currently teachers 6th-8th grades and spent many years teaching 9th grade as well. She received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Methodist University in 1990 and her Masters of Arts in Physical Education from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2000. Melvin believes that in order for educators to create learners who will think, achieve and care about the world, we must be willing to understand that what has worked in the past may no longer work for us in the future. The unique environment of today's learners involves understanding and teaching the whole child. Students often do not "care how much you know until they know how much you care
2012-2013 - Marnie Louise Albertson

Marnie Albertson 

Teacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Brewster Middle School - 6th - 8th Grade Read 180 Teacher
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

As a native of North Carolina, Marnie Albertson was raised on the east coast, near Camp Lejeune. After graduating from East Carolina University in 1993 with a degree in Middle School Education, she worked for five years in Craven County, North Carolina as a Language Arts, Social Studies and Math teacher. On the advice of a relative, Marnie applied to the Camp Lejeune school system in 1999 and was offered a position at Brewster Middle School as an Instructional Support teacher for Reading and Math. Ms. Albertson worked with 6th and 7th grade for several years in this capacity and then taught 7th grade Language Arts for many more years.

In 2009, she began teaching Read 180 and truly found her niche. Although she has always loved teaching, helping students improve their reading skills has always been her passion. Ms. Albertson believes all students have the capacity to learn and improve their skills and that as educators it is our responsibility to supply our students with the very best education possible. It is not enough to impart information, we must teach our students to believe in their own ability to learn and grow. 

Ms. Albertson and her mother, Judy, enjoy life at their home on Topsail Island, North Carolina. Her hobbies include swimming, visiting with family, and of course… reading.

2011-2012 - Julia Eckl Goodrich

Julia Goodrich Teacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Gordon Elementary School - Classroom Teacher
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Mrs. Julia Goodrich has 38 years of teaching experience; 22 years of those have been with DoDEA schools. Mrs. Goodrich joined the staff of Gordon Elementary School in the fall of 2008, and in January 2009 she was one of the teachers who helped to open the school. Mrs. Goodrich is a graduate of Florence State University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Afterward, she earned a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of North Alabama. She went on to earn an Education Specialist degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Alabama. She has completed post graduate work with Boston University, Trinity College, and the University of San Diego. Prior to Teaching at Gordon Elementary School, she was a second-grade teacher at Devers Elementary School, and she also taught first and third grade at Murray Elementary School. Both of these schools are in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. An overseas assignment for 4 years with Upwood Elementary School, RAF Upwood, United Kingdom was Mrs. Goodrich’s induction to DoDEA. Before joining DoDEA, Mrs. Goodrich taught first grade with Oakland Elementary School and then Wilson Elementary School with the Lauderdale County Schools in Alabama.

Read more about Mrs. Goodrich.

2010-2011 - Deborah Hudson Bailey

Deborah Hudson BaileyTeacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Albritton Junior High School - Classroom Teacher
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Ms. Bailey is a graduate of Fayetteville State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Intermediate Education, and was awarded a Master of Arts in Education from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Ms. Bailey has 25 years of teaching experience, 13 of which have been in DoDEA Schools at Fort Bragg, NC Since 1997, she has taught 7th grade social studies at Albritton Junior High, 4th grade at McNair Elementary School, 7th-9th grades at Albritton Junior High, and 3rd grade at Murray Elementary School, all on Fort Bragg. Prior to joining DoDEA, Ms. Bailey taught 3rd and 4th grade students in Fayetteville and Hope Mills, NC

2009-2010 - Darla Williamitis

2010 winner Darla WilliamitisTeacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Irwin Intermediate School - Classroom Teacher
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Ms. Williamitis completed her undergraduate studies at Methodist College (now University) and has a Masters of Arts from the East Carolina University and a Masters in School Administrations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ms. Williamitis has 11 years of teaching experience and has served Seventy-First High School and Jack Britt High School in Cumberland County as well as an Exceptional Children's Facilitator for Scotland County High school in Scotland County. Ms. Williamitis has been a DoDEA teacher for three years and at the time of this writing is a Special Needs teacher at Irwin Intermediate School.

2008-2009 - April St. Clair

2009 winner, April St. Clair Teacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Delalio Elementary School - Classroom Teacher
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Mrs. St. Clair completed her undergraduate studies at Western Kentucky University and has a Masters of Arts in Teaching Degree from the University of Louisville. Upon graduation from the University of Louisville, she was awarded the Joe Wilkes Award which is presented to the Outstanding Student Teacher of each graduating class. Mrs. St. Clair has been a DoDEA teacher for five years and at the time of this writing is a Kindergarten teacher at Delalio Elementary School.

2007-2008 - Ellie Micklos

Ellie MicklosTeacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Butner Elementary School - Classroom Teacher
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Ellie Micklos, fourth grade teacher at Butner Elementary School (at the time of this writing), has been honored by being named NC DDESS teacher of the year as well as the Fort Bragg Schools' teacher of the year. Ellie's career with DoDDS began in 1987 when she and her husband, Joe, traveled to Terceira Island in the Azores. There, they enjoyed island life and taught for four years before moving to Seoul, Korea. Ellie taught 5th grade for a couple of years before becoming a language arts/writing resource person. Ellie then entered a DoDDS training program for staff developers and worked with a Pacific team training teachers in "The Understanding of Teaching." This position evolved into coordinating school improvement/assessment and she eventually became the Pacific representative for NCA.  

Having been privileged to receive extensive training in best practices and techniques for teachers, Ellie felt her true calling was in the classroom. She had decided to return to teaching 5th grade in Seoul when the opportunity to teach at Ft. Bragg occurred. Ellie joined her husband at Ft. Bragg in November of 1998 and taught at Bowley for several years before transferring to Butner where she presently teaches 4th grade. Ellie has been a leader in both Ft. Bragg schools and now looks forward to representing all NC DDESS schools in the Teacher of the Year Program.

2006-2007 - Pat Laney

Pat LaneyMurray Elementary School - Classroom Teacher
Also named 2007 DoDEA Teacher of the Year!
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Pat Laney, who is a fourth grade teacher at Murray School at the time of this writing, is a role model for students and teachers. Pat is an enthusiastic leader and revels in new challenges where she can use her creativity and imagination. Pat has received several awards throughout her teaching career to include Outstanding Math Teacher of the Year and Who’s Who of American Teachers as chosen by former students. Pat has served in leadership roles which resulted in effective organizational change that improved student learning. Some of the roles included, school improvement team chair, curriculum team leader, and numerous school based committees. The Fun with Science Club and Young Astronauts along with the Prideville Post Office at Murray keep her involved with students who are not necessarily in her classroom. She works hard on letting the students know just how important they are to her as individuals. Pat believes in using ongoing communication with parents and students to ensure optimal student achievement. Pat’s platform is the necessity for a productive and positive partnership between student, parent, and teacher.

2003-2004 - Maryann Williams

Maryann Williams Teacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Holbrook Elementary School - Guidance Counselor
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Maryann Williams is a School Guidance Counselor for grades K-4 at Holbrook Elementary School (at the time of this writing). She received her Masters in Guidance and Counseling from Campbell University. Maryann believes in keeping the “magic” in teaching. “There is magic when a child learns to write her name…or when a child reads his first book…or discovers for herself how to complete an electrical circuit. As the teacher, you are the magician. You perform the magic. You put a smile on a child’s face when there is none.” Three years ago, Maryann started Club USA for students who have a deployed parent. She feels this club has been one of the timeliest and meaningful contributions she has made during her career as an educator.

2002-2003 - Temple Brooks

Temple Thomas Wood Teacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Devers Elementary School - Classroom Teacher
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Temple teaches first grade at Devers Elementary School (at the time of this writing). She holds a B. S. in Early and Elementary Education. Temple has been either a student or a teacher in many Department of Defense Schools from Fort Bragg to Seoul, Korea. Her experience in multi-cultural settings helped her to understand the importance of establishing the right teaching environment; structured yet inviting, challenging but non-threatening, and geared to individual needs and cultures. Temple believes a major issue in education today is assessment. "As an advocate for the "whole" child, I would step outside the box and develop an assessment that addresses the "total" child. By assessing in this manner I could further challenge students academically. Out of challenge comes growth."

2001-2002 - Valerie M. Krum

Valerie Krum Teacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Irwin Middle School - Classroom Teacher
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Valerie Krum, a fifth grade teacher at Irwin Middle School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina (at the time of this writing), received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in 1990. She believes that teaching is not just a job, but an avenue to influence children's paths in exploring and learning about the world around them. Valerie states, "It's not enough to just believe that all children can learn. It is my goal as an educator to guide all children at all levels to want to learn." Valerie acts as a team with parents with this common goal and communicates through weekly parent newsletters, daily homework sheets, phone calls, e-mails, conferences and a volunteer program. She feels that her responsibility as an educator is to act as someone who opens a door for children to discover a world they can feel confident to explore.

2000-2001 - Mary Ann Hardee

Mary Ann HardeeTeacher of the Year for North Carolina District, DDESS
Holbrook Elementary School - Educational Technologist
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

"As facilitators, teachers need to remember that schools are an important component of society, not a separate entity. Everyone has a stake in education. By soliciting the interest and involvement of parents and the community, our schools can provide a much more solid education for our young people."

Though born in North Carolina, I grew up in Peru and India. The world was my classroom in a unique way. I became acutely aware of the wonders each culture has to share--pieces of a puzzle that make up our world. I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers at home and in school.

In high school I volunteered my time to work with the young people at Mother Teresa's Home for Unwanted Children in Old Delhi, India. The children were sponges for affection and knowledge. Watching self-confidence grow as skills were developed was so exciting. The pathway to a career in education was a natural one. At the time of this writing, I have taught eighteen years. I assisted in special education programs and taught first grade, second grade, gifted education and technology.

I am always setting new goals and exploring new avenues. Not a day goes by when I do not grow by combining my past experience with what I am learning in my present position as an educational technologist. I take every opportunity to share my enthusiasm for learning with my students.