Bus Safety Checklist
  1. Know the time that you should arrive at the bus stop. 
  2. Walk on the left when there is no sidewalk. 
  3. Wait off the roadway at the bus stop. 
  4. Look after younger children while waiting. 
  5. Know the dangers of "roughhousing" at the bus stop. 
  6. Line up when the bus arrives. 
  7. Cross the road safely to board the bus. 
  8. Use the handrail. 
  9. Cooperate with the bus driver.
  10. Take a seat immediately after boarding and remain seated throughout the trip. 
  11. Keep your feet, books and other belongings out of the aisle. 
  12. Keep the bus clean. 
  13. Keep your head and arms inside the bus.
  14. Avoid distracting the bus driver.
  15. Show respect for the bus driver. 
  16. Avoid playing with the emergency door, fire extinguisher, and first aid supplies. 
Printable version to review with your child.


Students getting off a school bus
NC-Fort Bragg Transportation Office
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  • Office Hours: 0800 - 1600
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Bus Assignment & Stops

We cannot list our bus stops for security reasons but you may call your community Transportation Office listed above to obtain the information

School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right or entitlement, and safety is paramount. Even one child's misbehavior can
interfere with safe operation of the bus and endanger everyone on board, disciplinary action on reported infractions may
be taken, to include temporary suspension or permanent revocation from riding the bus. 

Unacceptable Actions by Students on a School Bus

School Bus Discipline

Safety is of paramount concern in providing student transportation services. Providing safe transportation requires the cooperation of students, parents and other government agencies. To ensure the safety of all students, School Bus Discipline Procedures have been implemented and will be enforced.

  • Any conduct or activity that threatens the health, safety or welfare of the bus driver, other students or any other riders in any manner shall be grounds to terminate indefinitely all bus riding privileges. 
  • Bus drivers will report all incidents of student misbehavior to the respective School Principal or designee.

Standard Operating Procedures for School Bus Discipline

Students are expected to behave properly on all school buses. Students must understand that while being transported, the School Bus Driver is in charge of the bus and responsible for maintaining order on the School Bus. Safety must be practiced at ALL TIMES when loading, unloading and riding the school bus.

  • A Bus Incident Report will be completed if a student misbehaves on the School Bus to document the misbehavior.
  • The completed form will be submitted to the Principal/Designee within 24 hours. The Principal determines the most appropriate action based on the severity of the infraction, other incident reports, etc. Whatever the discipline action taken must be recorded on the Bus Incident Report.
  • A copy of the Bus Incident Report will be submitted to the Bus Driver by the Principal/Designee with action taken recorded.
  • The Bus Driver will provide a copy of the Bus Incident Report to the Bus Company.


Appropriate Disciplinary Actions

First Offense - Counsel Student

  • A serious first offense may result in a suspension of transportation privileges for a period of time to be determined by the Principal/Designee.
  •  Parents must be notified of Bus Suspension

Second Offense - Parents notified

  • Second offense may result in a one to three (1-3) day suspension of transportation privileges.
  • A longer suspension period could be the result of a serious second offense.

Third Offense - Suspension

A possible suspension of transportation privileges - length of suspension to depend on seriousness of incident, number of prior incidents, etc. 

Possible Disciplinary Actions

  • The Principal/Designee may determine that counseling the student reported is sufficient to obtaining self-improvement behavior, resulting in the prevention of inappropriate behavior and further disciplinary actions;
  • The Principal/Designee may suspend a student for any period of time, including the remainder of the school year if the infraction is severe.
  • If the student's behavior did or could have endangered or compromised the safety, health or well-being of others on the bus, the student may be suspended or barred from buss transportation - even if it is a "First Offense". 

Appeal Rights of Parents
Parents may appeal a School Bus Suspension of more than ten (10) days by:
  • Notifying the Principal/Designee of their appeal.
  • Meet with the Principal/Designee
  • Appeal Decision of Principal by meeting with Resource Management Officer
  • Appeal Decision of RMO to the Superintendent of Schools


Special Needs Bus Incidents

Incident Reports on Special Needs Children will be reviewed and handled on a case-by-case basis by Principal/Designee.  Any action must remain in compliance with the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).