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  • Office Hours: 0800 - 1600
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Students getting off a school bus
Bus Assignment & Stops

We cannot list our bus stops for security reasons but you may call your community Transportation Office listed above to obtain the information

Unacceptable Bus Behavior

Unacceptable Actions by Students on a School Bus

Students May Not:

  • Ride a bus other than their assigned School Bus
  • Exchange bus seats with another student
  • Reserve/Save seat(s) for friends
  • Use loud, profane or obscene language or gestures
  • Smoke or possess a lighter or matches on the School Bus.
  • Refuse to occupy the seat assigned by school officials or bus driver.
  • Scream.
  • Throw items on the bus or out of the bus window.
  • Place arms/head out of the window of the bus. 
  • Refuse to obey School Bus Driver. 
  • Stand up while the School Bus is in motion. 
  • Be disrespectful to the Bus Driver/attendants. 
  • Fight.
  • Bother others. 
  • Spit. 
  • Eat, drink or chew gum on the bus. 
  • Threaten or antagonize other students. 
  • Vandalize property. 
  • Possess beepers, pagers, radios, cellular telephones, tape players, or other electronic devices on the Bus. 
  • Possess or set off any fireworks or other explosive device. 
  • Distract the Bus Driver. 
  • Play with the Emergency door, fire extinguisher/first aid supplies. 
  • Place feet, books or other belongings in the aisle. 
  • Possess any weapon to include but not limited to: guns, knives, razors, ice picks, clubs, etc. Possession of any of these items may result in notification of the Military Police (MP's), suspension/expulsion
  • Engage in any action of the School Bus that causes a disturbance or distraction. 

In an effort to transport Fort Bragg School students safely, it is imperative that students maintain orderly behavior while on the bus and all instructions issued by the School Bus Driver be followed.

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