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Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students
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CONUS Education Options Assessment (CEOA) - The DoD is fully aware of the importance of education
CONUS Education Options Assessment (CEOA)
The DoD is fully aware of the importance of education

Albritton MS Counseling Services

Guidance and Counseling


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 We provide a comprehensive guidance program to all students to help build the foundation for life-long learning by assisting students in developing self-respect, awareness of others and positive learning attitudes. School counselors provide direct and indirect services and activities to students, families, and school staff for developing strategies that deal with education, personal and social challenges that may interfere with the educational process. The foundation for our Guidance and Counseling Program is a Competency-Based Counseling Program (CBCP), which emphasizes decision-making skill development and exploration of future educational and occupational possibilities. The program also stresses self-concept development and the acquisition of social skills needed for interpersonal relationships.

The purpose of the guidance program is to help each individual student achieve his/her highest growth mentally, emotionally, and socially. We try to do this in several ways:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance Instruction
  • Parent Conferences
  • Special Education Coordination
  • Student Referral Services – (Includes Special Education, Gifted and Talented, Speech, and ESL)
Deployment Groups

Students with deployed parents or family members are able to participate in small group and individual counseling. This extra time with the counselor gives the students and opportunity to talk about and work through feelings related to the stress of deployment. This page is dedicated to those children and their parents. This is our effort to bridge the gap and offer our valued family members a piece of home.

Communities are not built of friends, or groups of people with similar styles, and taste, or even of people who like and understand each other. They are built of people who feel they are a part of something that is bigger than themselves.

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Contact the Counselor

Phone: 910-907-0201

Resources and More:

Report Card Times

Report Cards will be sent home at the close of each 9-week period.

  • Sit down with your child and look over his/her report card.
  • Find at least one good thing to praise your child.
  • Be Calm! Let your child tell you about his/her poor grades.
  • Ask how you can help your child do better.
  • Ask what your child can do to make better grades.
  • Make a plan with your child and your child’s teacher.
Our Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

Our Vision 

To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.

School Purpose

A community that inspires all students to be life long learners who think, achieve, and care about the world.

Goal 1

Every student will improve non-fiction reading comprehension skills across the curriculum.
  • Essence: Students will be able to activate prior knowledge and organize information to understand a variety of written material.

Goal 2

Every student will improve communication skills to express; solutions to problems in mathematics.
  • Essence Students will be able to define the task, seek and locate information, use information, synthesize; information, and evaluate the process to help solve problems.