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Wellness Policy

 The NC: Fort Bragg District (DDESS) Schools (FBS) believe that children and youth who begin each day as healthy individuals can learn and achieve more readily and are more likely to complete their formal education. FBS also believes that healthy staff can more effectively perform their assigned duties and model appropriate wellness behaviors for students. This policy encourages a holistic approach to staff and student wellness that is sensitive to individual and community needs.

It is the policy of FBS that the following goals be met:

  • FBS  will engage students, parents, school principals, administrators, school board members, child nutrition services, health professionals and other interested community members in developing, monitoring, reviewing, and reporting the effectiveness of district-wide nutrition and physical activity policies.
  • All students in grades PK-12 and school staff will have opportunities, support, and encouragement to be physically active on a regular basis.
  • Foods and beverages served or sold at school will meet the nutrition recommendations of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • Qualified child nutrition professionals will provide students with access to a variety of affordable, nutritious, and child-pleasing foods that meet their health and nutritional needs. Schools shall provide clean, safe, and pleasant settings and adequate time for students to eat.
  • All FBS will participate in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs and the Summer Food Service Program (Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program upon eligibility and USDA selection). Schools will provide nutrition awareness activities and physical education to all students.
  • All FBS will be registered as USDA Team Nutrition Schools, and are encouraged to join the USDA Healthier US School Challenge.


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Absence Procedures/Tardy Policy
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Attendance Policy
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Bully Prevention
Campus Safety
Classroom Environment
Emergency Procedures
Grading and Report Card Procedures
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DoDEA Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

DoDEA Vision 

To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.

School Purpose

BELIEVE in who we are! ACHIEVE with excellence! SUCCEED in all we do!

SMART Goal 1

By the end of the school year, all students will increase reading comprehension by analyzing text to make inferences and draw conclusions as measured by selected school-wide and system-wide assessments. 

SMART Goal 2

By the end of the school year, all students will increase written communication by explaining mathematical thinking to find solutions as measured by selected school-wide and system based assessments. 


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It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.