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    CONUS Education Options Assessment (CEOA)
    The DoD is fully aware of the importance of education

    Withdrawals and Transfers

    Upon receiving final notification of your departure from the community, please inform the school office personnel (registrar) at least two weeks prior to your actual departure. This notification is needed to prepare your child's report card and other school records. No progress marks are given in any quarter unless the child has attended school for 20 days during that quarter. In the final quarter, no recommendation for grade placement can be given unless the child attends school for 20 days in that quarter.

    With five days prior notification, parents are welcome to pick up a copy of student records from the office on the last day of student attendance. The sponsor/spouse must sign for records and present an I.D. to receive the child's school records.

    It is DoDEA policy that copies of student records are sealed and given to parents to be hand carried to their next school. Official (original) records will be sealed and mailed upon request by the receiving school. Parents who would like a copy of their child's records for their personal files must personally request an extra set of records to be made when filling out the withdrawal form. We cannot make personal copies without advance notice. It is a requirement to clear all debts (payment for lost or damaged books, library fines, cafeteria charges, etc.) BEFORE the last day of attendance.

    Early Departure of Students

    If a student is departing school with less than 20 school days in attendance, prior to the end of the school year and due to official military orders, the following statement will be written on their report card:

    "Although (student's name) was unable to complete the school year due to the military transfer of his/her family, had he/she continued their current progress through (the date for 20 days of attendance) he/she would have been promoted to grade __ next school year."

    DoDEA Early Withdrawal Policy

    If a child is departing school on or after the date of 20 days of attendance in the 4th quarter his/her report card will be completed as usual, to include all grades, comments, and promotion to the next grade level. The principal may authorize an accelerated withdrawal of a student who must withdraw from a school 20 or less instructional days prior to the end of the semester. -The parent/sponsor must present verification of the date required for the student to depart from the school (e.g., Permanent Change of Station orders). -All of the conditions of an accelerated study program outlined by the student's teachers must be met prior to withdrawal under the accelerated program for grades to be assigned and credit to be granted.

    14.5.2 -This provision is permitted for early withdrawal with full Carnegie credit based solely on careful consideration of the unique circumstances which military families face. It recognizes that due to military requirements, families are occasionally required to make permanent change-of-station moves prior to the end of the school year, and that the school-age dependents of military sponsors should not be penalized educationally for these required moves. -The 20-day limitation provides reasonable flexibility without compromising academic standards or placing the student in an untenable position in regard to mastery of curriculum content. -This policy is not intended to apply to, or be extended for, the convenience of family travel, visits, or other discretionary reasons. It is only for permanent change of station moves.

    14.5.3 -Students who withdraw prior to the 20-day limitation of the accelerated withdrawal policy will receive "withdrawal" grades rather than final grades.

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    Absence Procedures/Tardy Policy
    Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
    Attendance Policy
    Books and Materials
    Bully Prevention
    Campus Safety
    Classroom Environment
    Emergency Procedures
    Grading and Report Card Procedures
    Internet Rights and Responsibilities for Students, Staff and Volunteers
    Parent Communication
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    Wellness Policy
    DoDEA Mission

    Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

    DoDEA Vision 

    To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.

    School Purpose

    BELIEVE in who we are! ACHIEVE with excellence! SUCCEED in all we do!

    SMART Goal 1

    By the end of the school year, all students will increase reading comprehension by analyzing text to make inferences and draw conclusions as measured by selected school-wide and system-wide assessments. 

    SMART Goal 2

    By the end of the school year, all students will increase written communication by explaining mathematical thinking to find solutions as measured by selected school-wide and system based assessments.