A major factor in student success is the community - teachers, administrators, parents, and commanders.  Working together, we can ensure students receive the best possible education and take advantage of the opportunities we can provide. Parents are that all-important connection between home and school, and play an incredibly important role in our students' success.  By supporting and reinforcing your child's learning at home and in school, you can help ensure your child reaches their fullest potential.  
I encourage each of you to become involved in your child's education - whether it's reading with your child, helping with homework, meeting with your child's teacher, volunteering at your child's school, becoming involved in your school's Parent - Teacher Association, discussing school activities with your child,  or monitoring and supervising their out of school activities.  All of these opportunities for parental involvement are critical components of learning and development and we support your efforts at Shughart Elementary.  
Thank you!

     On Monday, October 6, our Shughart Pirates kicked off National Anti-bullying month with a Stomp Out Bullying pep rally in the gym.  Students, staff, and a few community members participated in chants to help learn what to do if they or someone they know is being bullied and that bullying is very harmful to all those involved in the behavior.  We want to remind all of our Pirates to encourage each other to choose friendship over bullying behavior.  We have a school community where everyone comes to school to learn, to be safe, and to be themselves without fear of being bullied! Together we can STOMP out bullying!

S-speak up
T-tell an adult                   
O-offer help
M-make friends
P-pirates help pirates

We had our very own SES Pirate and special guests Ms. May and Sgt. Mike from Army Community Services help us STOMP out bullying.  They reminded us that bullying can happen both in person and online, but if we all work together in choosing friendship over bullying we can STOMP out bullying and cyberbullying.  

After our rally, students participated in walks around the school to continue to STOMP out bullying.  


Pirate Families,

On behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome to what promises to be another great year at Shughart Elementary! We are as eager and excited as our children and parents, in great anticipation of what is to come this year!

I'd like to welcome families new to Linden Oaks and returning community members. You will have great opportunities to meet new parents and see old friends at Open House on 8/21 from 3:30-5:50, and at our monthly "Parents for the Future" Leadership Meetings held on the last Tuesday of every month. You should plan to attend and join this decision making group.

At Shughart our experienced teachers are committed to meeting the needs of all students and require your involvement to maximize your child's educational journey. Instruction at Shughart uses rigorous DoDEA Standards and provides students with opportunities to experience success through collaborative inquiry and hands-on learning. You are invited to visit your child's class and become an active participant and co-teacher.

I encourage you to call or visit with me at any time. Along with purple communication folders coming home weekly, I will do my part to keep you informed of school events and activities by sending emails, phone messages and monthly newsletters. Thank you for all that you do to make our school a special place for our children to learn and grow.

Have a great day and Goooo Pirates: SHUGHART!

Dr. Carolyn Carr