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Americas Area Service Center

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Acting Director:  Dr. Christy Huddleston

phone:  678-364-8000

Deputy Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Dr. Fran Austin

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Eligibility to Attend DDESS Schools

 Eligibility to attend DDESS schools is outlined in Section 2164 of title 10, United States Code and Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1342.26, "Eligibility Requirements for Minor Dependents to Attend Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools."  The following information summarizes the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility within the Continental United States (CONUS)

Dependent children of military members and civilian employees of the Department of Defense occupying permanent living quarters on any military installation served by a DDESS school program.

Eligibility within territories, possessions and commonwealths of the United States.


Students are eligible to attend on a tuition-free basis if they are dependents of:

  • military and civilian employees of DoD living on the installation.
  • military members on active duty, stationed or home-ported in the territory, possession, or commonwealth and not residing in permanent quarters.
  • military members on active duty who have been assigned to a remote location or unaccompanied tour of duty and their dependents have been authorized by designated location move orders to reside in the territory, possession, or commonwealth.
  • full-time DoD civilian employees, occupying a position that is subject by policy and practice to transfer in a territory, possession, or commonwealth and not residing in government quarters.
  • full-time, permanent, professional excepted service employees of the DDESS Arrangement not residing in permanent quarters on a military installation.


Dependent children of full-time civilian employees of non-DoD Federal agencies (whether they are or are not residing in government quarters), IF the employing agency certifies that they occupy a position that is subject by policy and practice to transfer in a territory, possession, or commonwealth AND THE EMPLOYING AGENCY AGREES to reimburse the DoD for the educational services provided.

Note: DDESS schools are not authorized to accept tuition payments from individuals.

Note: Residence in permanent living quarters on a military installation served by a DDESS school program does NOT guarantee eligibility to attend the DDESS schools.  Sponsors are required to meet the criteria listed above, regardless of residence.  DDESS is not authorized to enroll students whose sponsor does not meet the eligibility criteria.

Proof of Eligibility
See the list of documents required to determine eligibility for DDESS Schools.

DoDDS Cuba Eligibility

The W.T. Sampson school follows the eligibility requirements of the DoDDS schools overseas.