Americas Regional Office

700 Westpark Drive
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Acting Director for Student Excellence: 

Dr. Emily Marsh

phone: 678-364-8000

Chief of Instructional Leadership Development:

Dr. Samantha Ingram

phone: 678-364-8012

The Information Technology (IT) Division provides value-added IT leadership and service to our schools. A DDESS goal is to stay in the forefront of technology use in our schools and we are pursuing every opportunity to provide the best in educational opportunities for students. We lead this effort by providing support to DDESS schools in the areas of:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Email connectivity
  • Technology training and support

Local Area Networks (LAN)

DDESS classrooms are equipped with computers and peripheral equipment and provide student access to a variety of educational programs and the Internet. Using Pentium level computers as a minimum standard, DDESS schools average one computer per every two students. Local area networks facilitate connectivity for DDESS schools with state-of-the-art equipment.

Internet filtering software is utilized throughout the DDESS schools to filter access to the Internet. these filters, in conjunction with Internet safety instruction in our classrooms, help to ensure appropriate use of the Internet by our students.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  • High speed connectivity is provided to each DDESS school building, opening the door for expanded use of technology in our schools; enhancing the educational opportunities for our students.

  • The DDESS organization has completed a migration to Microsoft Active Directory, an enterprise network operating system. This change will enable DDESS to move toward a consistent standard for educational hardware and software across the organization.

eMail Connectivity

We maintain Microsoft Exchange Servers at each DDESS district to accommodate the use of electronic mail for DDESS staff.  e-mail accounts are provided for DDESS students through a service partner.

Technology Training and Support

We provide technology support by:

  • Ensuring DDESS schools are operating within required Information Assurance guidelines
  • Facilitating the acquisition of computer hardware and software
  • Coordinating with DDESS district personnel, the military community, and other DoDEA branches to enhance the effective use of technology in our classrooms.

Training and technology certifications are provided for IT support staffs in an effort to keep them current on technology trends and standards.