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DoDEA Americas Logistics Division: Facilities

Typical of most public school systems with aging infrastructure in the United States, DoDEA Americas faces the daily challenge of providing safe, healthy and effective educational facilities.

Real Property Management

We are responsible for management of over 5 million square feet of real property, consisting of eighty schools and school district facilities located on twenty military installations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Our buildings provide the physical requirements and atmosphere conducive to the delivery of our comprehensive education program and focus on highest student achievement. To meet these goals we perform periodic maintenance and repairs of schools to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment.


We are also responsible for planning efforts to determine:

  • Future facility replacement requirements.
  • Funding needs for capital improvements.
  • Oversight and funding of local school district maintenance programs.
  • The impact of both military re-stationing and changes in student population as a result of housing privatization efforts at local military installations.


We initiate studies and designs as the need for construction approaches. Typical design efforts include:

  • Major and minor Military Construction (MILCON) projects to include replacement or consolidation of schools.
  • Campus-wide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning replacement or renovation to provide better climate control and indoor air quality (IAQ) in the schools.
  • Roof replacements to eliminate or reduce moisture infiltration detrimental to both IAQ for the occupants, the facility, and educational supplies and equipment.
  • Renovation to provide better functionality or additions to provide needed space.


We provide construction monitoring and oversight of:

  • MILCON projects for additions or new schools, driven by the need to house additional students or to replace aged and dilapidated facilities.
  • Large renovation projects with costs up to $5 million or more.
  • On-going projects to improve functionality, address equipment failures, and/or simplify future maintenance and repair needs.

All of our projects are closely coordinated with federal, state and other regulatory concerns to ensure our facilities are in compliance with all applicable standards, codes, regulations and industry recommendations.