Logistics Contact Information

Logistics Chief: 678-364-8019

Facilities: 678-364-8035

Student Transportation: 678-364-8038

Material Management (property accountability): 678-364-8021

Child Nutrition: 678-364-6608

Mail Room: 678-364-6426

DoDEA Americas Logistics Division

The mission of the logistics division is to provide a physical environment conducive to learning and contribute to the opportunity for students to succeed. We perform the following functions at the Area Service Center (ASC):

  • Develop procedures and recommend course of action.
  • Establish standards.
  • Perform oversight (Monitor and Report).
  • Provide technical procedures.
  • Garner resources.
  • Manage non-expendable property.

Our Goals are to:

  • Develop a systemic approach for evaluating each DoDEA Americas facility for condition, support of new requirements, efficiency, safety and security, availability of core elements, cleanliness, attractiveness and lighting.

  • Develop a systematic approach to support a physical environment conducive to learning and contributing to the opportunity for staff and students to succeed.

  • Improve services provided to students, (i.e., transportation, student meals) with the available resources.

  • Improve the management of property accountability and other resources to include the acquisition, distribution, maintenance and disposition of property.

  • Stay abreast with the changing laws, regulations and industry methods and standards related to management and operation of our schools.