Leadership & Commitment


Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director for Education: Dr. Adrian B. Talley

Mr. Adrian B. Talley was selected as Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director for Education for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), effective September 4, 2012.

Area Directors:

Dr. Beth Middlemiss

Dr. Beth Middlemiss

Dr. Beth Middlemiss was appointed to a temporary appointment as the Special Assistant and Senior Advisor for Education to the DoDEA Director. In this capacity, Dr. Middlemiss will serve as the Interim Area Director for the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS) and DoDDS-Cuba schools.

Nancy Bressell Org Chart Image

Director, DoDDS Europe: Dr. Nancy C. Bresell

Dr. Nancy Bresell is the Area Director for DoDEA Schools in Europe. She was assigned as the Area Director in July 2009.

Commitment to Education

DoDEA is charged with the responsibility and privilege of educating and supporting the children of our nation’s military, and we are fully aware of the toll that war and conflict has placed on our Service members and their families. In providing the absolute best educational experiences possible for their children, we strive to honor and support their valor and service.

A rigorous curriculum and high academic standards are the foundation for a student body that is academically and socially prepared and positioned for success in life. DoDEA students, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, have a world of academic opportunities available to them. DoDEA schools are consistently ranked in the top ten states for student performance on nationwide assessments such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). African American and Hispanic students in DoDEA continue to score higher when compared with their stateside counterparts.

DoDEA students' performance reflects the emphasis and delivery of increased academic rigor and a challenging curriculum despite the unique circumstances the system faces every year through transition, deployments, and an annual 1/3 student population turnover.

On average, DoDEA students score at or above the 63rd median national percentile in core subjects on the standardized, norm-referenced TerraNova Multiple Assessments. The sum of scholarships, financial aid, and grants offered to DoDEA seniors in 2011 was $38.7 million