Graduation Requirements

GraduationThe current DoDEA high school graduation regulation will be revised during school year 2012-13. This revision will ensure all future graduates are prepared for the increased demands for a work force capable of responding innovatively to critical issues and the constant flux of global changes in the 21st century.

We will increase student proficiency in mathematics by increasing graduation requirements for mathematics. Four addition courses will be introduced to the curriculum as well (Algebraic modeling, Advanced Functions, Financial Literacy, and Engineering Applications). Changes under consideration are: calculation of grade point average; rigorous course requirements; and diploma types.

DoDEA wants to ensure all stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input into this revision process. This will be accomplished virtually via the DoDEA website for both internal and external stakeholders between August 1 and September 30, 2012. Please visit the DoDEA website to provide input.

The new graduation regulation will be implemented school year 2013-14 for the graduating class of 2017. Current DoDEA high school students will be grandfathered under the current graduation requirements when the new graduation requirements take effect next school year. The new graduation requirements will apply to incoming freshmen beginning in school year 2013-14. Learn more at: