DoDEA Begins School Year 2013-2014

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As the Department of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) opens doors at 191 schools throughout the world, many improvements and new programs will be under way to make this school year exceptional. DoDEA plans, directs, coordinates and manages pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education programs for more than 82,000 Department of Defense (DoD) dependents around the world.

DoDEA Begins School Year 2013-2014

ALEXANDRIA, VA — August 28, 2013 — Nearly 83,000 students are beginning the 2013-2014 School Year in Department of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools around the world.

DoDEA schools educate children of our Nation’s Servicemembers and the civilians who support them in twelve nations, seven states and two territories. Through the Educational Partnership Branch, DoDEA provides support to more than one million military-connected students who attend public schools throughout the United States. Read More 

DoDEA Back to School Fast Facts:

Transportation Facts

Every Year:

  • DoDEA buses drive more than 56,000 miles a day.
  • DoDEA transports 50,000+ registered riders.
  • DODEA has 1,500 bus routes.

DoDEA Student Facts

DoDEA Americas

  • # of Districts- 6
  • # of Schools- 65
  • # of Employees- 3,987
  • # of Students- 29,100+

DoDEA Europe

  • # of Districts- 4 
  • # of Schools- 75
  • # of Employees- 4,741
  • # of Students- TBD

DoDEA Pacific

  • # of Districts- 4
  • # of Schools- 50
  • # of Employees- 3,131
  • # of Students- TBD

Projected Total DoDEA Enrollment for SY13-14:  82,425

School Year 2013-14 Calendars

DoDEA schools begin School Year 2013-14 on different dates in each area. School breaks vary in each area as well. School calendars can be viewed at School Calendars Website.

Attendance Program
School Attendance is important and in order to receive the best education, students need to Be Her! DoDEA's system-wide attendance policy for students is consistent with those found n many public schools throughout the United States.
Back-to-School Tips for Parents
Get in Gear for the New School Year with these tips from the US Department of Education: It’s almost that time of year again. Yes, in a few weeks school will be back in session. Is your child ready to succeed? Are you ready to help?
Common Core State Standards
DoDEA is adopting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) into its curriculum, instruction, and assessment programs. Adopting the CCSS will benefit DoDEA's highly mobile student population which moves frequently between public schools and DoDEA schools.
Community Strategic Plan (CSP)
As the mechanism for articulating DoDEA’s strategic plan, the CSP presents the key elements of the plan in a manner that first establishes a foundational understanding of DoDEA’s strategic vision, mission, core values, goals and planning themes.
Educational Partnership Military K12
DoDEA’s ability to impact educational outcomes for children of military families is best leveraged through outreach and partnerships with school districts, professional organizations, and most importantly
Federal News Radio Interview - Kim Day
In Depth spoke with the Department of Defense Education Activity Principal Deputy Director Adrian Talley. He explained a new partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers to boost science and engineering education in DoD schools. Kim Day, chief of DODEA's science branch, describes how DODEA will make that integration with help from the Army Corps of Engineers.
GradeSpeed Web-Based Program
GradeSpeed. GradeSpeed is a web-based program that enables parents to log-in to view grade and attendance data for their student(s). GradeSpeed will be the only authorized and supported grade book used by DoDEA employees in Grades 4-12.
Health and Wellness - Brown Bag
The DoD Student Meal Program follows the same USDA regulations and guidelines as schools throughout the United States for nutrition and meal components. School menus follow USDA nutritional requirements. Students who qualify under federal guidelines are provided free and reduced-price meals.
Our Leadership
DoDEA's HQ and Area Leadership
Parent Involvement
As parents, you play a vital role in your child’s education. The Department of Defense is committed to ensuring that the children of military families in DoDEA schools receive an excellent education that prepares them for successful careers and to be active contributors to their communities and the more.
Parent Resources
The information parents need to learn about which school their child will attend, how to enroll their children in school as well as the basics regarding school calendars, immunization requirements, transportation, student meals, curriculum and graduation requirements.
Photo Gallery - DoDDS First Day of School 2013
Photo Gallery comprised of photos from 2012 - 2013 for DoDDS school in the system. Photos that are being highlighted are from SY 2013
Special Education
DoDEA knows that all students can learn when instruction is geared to the students' strengths and when the students are given sufficient opportunity to learn.
Virtual Schools (VS)
As a fully accredited virtual learning program, the DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) offers flexibility for DoDEA secondary students to meet academic and career goals...
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