Parent Involvement

spot_parentThe Department of Defense is committed to ensuring that the children of military families in DoDEA schools receive an excellent education that prepares them for successful careers and to be active contributors to their communities and the nation.

A major factor in student success is the community – teachers, administrators, parents, and commanders but the most important element in a child's education is parent involvement. Working together, these groups can ensure students receive the best possible education and opportunities we can provide.

Parents are that all-important connection between home and school. By supporting and reinforcing your child's learning at home and in school, you can help ensure your child reaches their fullest potential.

 DoDEA encourages you to become involved in your child's education - whether it's reading with your child, helping with homework, meeting with your child's teacher, volunteering at your child's school, becoming involved in your school's Parent-Teacher Organization, discuss school activities with your child and monitor and supervise their out-of-school activities. All of these opportunities for parental involvement are critical components of learning and development.

When parents are involved in children’s schools and education, children have higher grades and standardized test scores, improved behavior at home and school, and better social skills and adaptation to school.