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Baumholder MS/HS

Enrollment and Registration


DoDEA eligibility regulation, DoDEA regulation 1342.13.

How to register your child/children:

Visit the registrar's office upon arriving in-country and pick-up a registration packet or download one from the below "Registration Packets" section and provide to the registrar's office.

Registration Packets

Please choose the packet that fits your student's situation, these forms are fillable. Once completed print and return to the school your family is zoned for.


New Incoming Student
Returning Student Same School

Returning Student (with change in Medical condition) Same School

Transferring Student

Space Available Enrollment Form (Only for space available enrollment, read more on Space Available Eligibility Requirements)




IMPORTANT: It is necessary for the sponsor or spouse to come to the school office to complete registration for students.



Admission Requirements

Parents enrolling students are required to furnish the following:

Mandatory to begin attendance:

  • Proof of sponsor's overseas status (Orders, verification of employment etc.)
  • Proof of sponsor/dependent connection (Child listed on orders, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Proof of a new DEROS as applicable
  • Tuition paid in advance if applicable
  • Verification of minimal age requirement for Sure Start, Kindergarten and 1st grade students (PCS Orders, Birth certificate or passport)
    Note: Children entering Sure Start, Kindergarten, First Grade must be 4,5 and 6 years old respectively on/before September 1. 

Also required: (The below documents ARE required but will not keep a students from starting school.)

  • Copy of previous school records, including report cards and other academic records such as reading and math records (as applicable)
  • Copy of standardized test scores if applicable
  • Copy of Individual Education Plan (IEP) if applicable

Additional Resources ...


Update of Pupil Registration Data

It is VERY important that any change of sponsor rank, address, unit, telephone number, emergency contact information, or official email be reported to the Student Affairs Office (SAO) immediately. School records must reflect accurate and correct information at all times. This is also the school's emergency contact information. Your accurate, official e-mail address is extremely important for speed of communication!

Credit from Other Schools

Students who transfer to our school from other accredited schools will receive credit from these schools at face value. In cases where a transfer is in the middle of a grading period, the work being done at the time of transfer will be averaged with the work completed here to determine the grade at the end of the current reporting period. Students must be in attendance at least 20 instructional days in order to grant credit.


Six elective credits are required for graduation and are courses that allow students flexibility in choosing subjects in which they have an interest to pursue. Elective courses are chosen after consultation with the counselor to meet a student's future educational and vocational needs. Students should check with their counselor upon registration to discuss career plans and begin a 4-year graduation plan, including all necessary classes for graduation. For information about online classes or credit by examination, see your counselor.

Partial Schedules

A senior may request a partial schedule ONLY with a written parent request and administrative approval. A counselor will make sure that the student has all necessary credits for graduation but this must be worked out in advance. Partial schedules will be approved only if a student is currently employed or for a medical or family emergency.

Schedule Changes

Students have an opportunity to select courses for the entire school year during the Spring or upon registration. Parents, students, teachers and counselors are involved in the course selection process. The expectation is that through this process, thought and judgment are exercised in the careful selection of courses and alternatives. Once schedules are issued in the Fall, schedules can be changed ONLY if a student is in the wrong class or a teacher sees that a student is not properly placed. Requests for schedule changes for frivolous reasons ("I don't like the teacher", "I don't like the course," "I don't need the course to graduate," etc.) will not be honored. All changes must happen within the first 10 days of each semester. After the 10th day, students will receive a Withdrawal/Fail grade.

School Records

Persons other than authorized school officials will not have access to student records without the written permission of parent and/or student. Exceptions may be necessary when a student's record is formally requested by an authorized investigative agency. Under provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, schools are required to provide military recruiters access to the names, addresses and phone numbers of our high school students. Parents and students may request a non-disclosure form that will deny access to personal information by military recruiters. The form will be kept on file in the Student Affairs Office.

Tuition Payments

Active duty U.S. military members and full-time U.S. DoD civilian employees stationed overseas, are eligible for tuition-free enrollment. All others must pay tuition. DOD dependents that are authorized attendance in a DoDEA school may complete the current school year if the DOD sponsor is transferred, dies, or retires during the school year. The tuition rate is payable at the start of each semester. If additional information is required, please contact the Registrar at 0611-988-7872.


The Registrar can be reached at this number:

From US: 011-49-611-143.545.1202
Local: +49-(0)611-143.545.1202
DSN: 545-1202

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