Information for Employees

The Secretary of Defense announced a decision on Aug 6, 2013 to reduce the number of furlough days for DoD employees. Due to a recent decision by the Secretary of Defense, and DoD efforts to identify alternative methods for accommodating budgetary shortfalls, our schools will not have to close due to furlough of employees and schools will open as scheduled. This means teachers, teacher aids and other 9-month employees are now exempt from the furlough. Additionally, the number of furlough days for 10-, 11- and 12-month employees was reduced from 11 to 6 days.

We remain committed to doing all that we can to limit the harm to our mission and to morale. Each of you makes a critical and significant contribution to DoDEA's mission of educating military-connected children, and to DoD's overall mission of meeting the Nation's national security requirements. This proposed furlough does not diminish your contribution in any way. You are valued, appreciated and greatly admired for the work that you do in all roles throughout DoDEA on behalf of our students and families.

General Guidance for Employees Affected by Furlough

  • Supervisors will communicate the dates of the proposed furlough to employees. Generally employees will be furloughed 1 day a week. This may vary depending upon mission requirements.
  • July 8: Furlough period begins no earlier than this date.
  • DoDEA schools will open on time and as scheduled based on the published school calendars for School Year 2013-14.
  • No employee can perform work or volunteer to perform work on furlough days. In fact, it is illegal for employees to engage in any of their responsibilities when they are furloughed.

Additional Schedule Guidance for DoDEA 9-Month Employees

  • As of Aug 6, 2013 9-month employees are exempt from the furlough. 

Additional Schedule Guidance for DoDEA 11-Month Employees

  • The Department has reduced furlough requirements from 11 to six days for 10- and 11-month employees (administrators and ISSs on a 222-day work schedule), recognizing the unique school-year employment schedule and ensuring equity with other DoD employees. Additional HR guidance will follow for these employees.

Furlough Parameters

  • Schools will no longer be closed due to furlough.
  • Furlough days will be scheduled at the Area and District level and local administrators will be given maximum flexibility in determining furlough days based on their community-unique situations and requirements.
  • Contract employees in schools must report to work.

The furlough plan was not developed and/or approved based solely on position or grade. It was solely based on work schedule. A primary consideration was equitable distribution of furlough days which resulted in ensuring there was an equitable proportion of furlough days to the number of work days.

  • Another consideration was to mitigate the impact of furloughs on those who directly work with students and deliver instruction.

The steps involved in furlough are:

  • Notice of proposed furlough – employee acknowledges receipt. Employee cannot be furloughed any earlier than 30 days from acknowledging receipt of the furlough notice.
  • Reply period – employees have a period of time to respond orally or in writing, providing any supporting material as to why they believe they should not be furloughed. Employees in different pay categories and those covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements have different reply periods.