Impact Of Sequestration on DoDEA Schools Sequestration Image Collage

Furloughs for all DoDEA teachers and other 10-month employees previously subject to a 5-day furlough have been cancelled.

The Secretary of Defense reduced furlough days from 11 (88 hours) days to six (48 hours) days. This applies to DoDEA's 11- and 12- month employees. The Secretary granted a specific exception for 10-month, school-level DoDEA employees (instructional and support staff) to be implemented immediately. These personnel were subject to a five-day furlough in consideration of meeting school accreditation requirements. This is great news for our mission - educating children.  

The furlough reduction to six days and the furlough exemption for our 10-month school-level personnel will certainly ease the financial and emotional strain for many. The six-day furlough still presents significant challenges for our employees and families. DoDEA remains committed to doing all that we can to support our employees.  

We will publish additional implementation guidance on our website ( as we receive it.