Sequestration and Furlough Media Coverage

Background Briefing on the Status of the Defense Department's Civilian Furlough Planning Efforts in the Pentagon Briefing Room (August 6, 2013)
SENIOR DEFENSE OFFICIAL:  Okay.  Well, today, Secretary Hagel announced -- and I think you now have it -- that as part of DOD's efforts to improve productivity and readiness, we'll be reducing the furlough days for DOD's civilian employees from up to 11 days to six days.  And for most DOD civilian employees, that will mean furloughs will end next week.
The Pentagon Channel: Hagel in Brussels and DODEA Furloughs
DoDEA Employees are preparing for furloughs for up to 11 days...
Audio File from Blogger’s Roundtable, May 22, 2103
Department of Defense Education Activity Director Marilee Fitzgerald participated in a DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable with bloggers and media Wednesday, May 22. During the call, Fitzgerald discussed a number of topics including the impacts of furlough on DODEA.
Director Details Furlough Plans for DOD Schools
Karen Parrish American Forces Press Service -- May 22, 2013; Students, teachers and parents of the Defense Department’s schools can be confident that despite the department’s upcoming civilian furloughs, the school year will start on time, the Department of Defense Education Activity’s director said today.
DODEA to announce dates for school closings related to furloughs
Steven Beardsley, Stars and Stripes, May 22, 2013; Department of Defense schools will soon announce closure dates for the coming academic year as they prepare to furlough educators after significant defense cuts, a situation the department’s education director said was unavoidable.
DoDEA schools will soon decide furlough schedules
Karen Jowers, Army Times -- May 22, 2013; Defense Department schools are deciding which days their schools will be closed for the required furloughs this fall and should start posting the information on their websites next week, said Marilee Fitzgerald, director of the Department of Defense Education Activity.
Furloughs announced for teachers, other employees at Fort Bragg schools
Venita Jenkins, Fayetteville Observer -- May 22, 2013, Teachers and other nine-month employees at Fort Bragg schools will be subject to furloughs of up to five days beginning in late August.
Fort Bragg teachers subject to 5 furlough days
WNCN Staff, FORT BRAGG, N.C -- May 22, 2013, Teachers and other nine-month school employees at Fort Bragg may have up to five furlough days at the start of the 2013-14 school year.
Department of Defense Background Briefing on Civilian Furloughs from the Pentagon
Transcript: 05/14/2013
Remarks by Secretary Hagel
Town Hall Meeting with Department of Defense Personnel, Alexandria, Virginia -- Transcript -- 05/14/2013
Teacher furloughs to close Pacific schools five days in September (June 3, 2013)
Military base schools in the Pacific will close for five days in September under a plan that will furlough teachers to cut federal spending, school officials said Monday.
DOD furlough plan to affect 9 in 10 civilians (May 14, 2013)
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced a sweeping furlough plan Tuesday that will hit well over 90 percent of the Defense Department’s 750,000 U.S. civilian employees squarely in the pocketbook this summer.
DODDS-Europe announces furlough dates (May 28, 2013)
Department of Defense schools in Europe will close for five days between Aug. 30 and Sept. 23 under a proposal to furlough educators as part of budget-saving measures, DODDS-Europe director Nancy Bresell announced Tuesday.
Senators urge DODEA teacher exemption in furlough plan (May 24, 2013)
Three U.S. senators teamed up in writing a letter to the Secretary of Defense urging him to exempt base teachers from civilian furloughs.