CSP Definitions

Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

DoDEA’s five-year, strategic Continuous Improvement Plan for advancing DoD’s and DoDEA’s agenda for educating and serving military-connected children. The CSP provides the organization’s vision, mission, core values, goals, the implementing strategies for each goal.

Strategic Planning

The process by which the guiding members of an organization envision its future and develop the necessary strategies to achieve that future.


An idealized view of where an organization will be and/or will look like in the future, assuming all strategic goals are successfully achieved. It is a statement intended to express both aspiration and inspiration.


The primary purpose of an organization and for whom it performs it.

Core Values

The values and philosophy of an organization that guide the behavior and decisions of its members. The core values constitute the organization’s value system.


Long-range performance targets that are consistent with the mission, usually requiring a commitment of resources towards the initiatives critical to goal achievement. Goal achievement is required for an organization to realize its vision.


The plans for how organizational goals will be achieved.

Performance Measures

Measurable commitments which indicate desired performance levels for initiatives that contribute to the achievement of one or more goals. Each performance measure has an established baseline from which progress is measured.

Strategic Goal 5 - Outreach Excellence

Foster family, school and community partnerships to expand educational opportunities for students.

Performance Measures:

5.1 Expand overall outreach opportunities by 5% to improve educational opportunities and minimize academic disruption for militaryconnected students by SY 2017–2018.

5.2 Strive to ensure every school with a military-student enrollment of 25% or more provides a research-based transition program/curriculum that supports student transitions to new schools by SY 2017–2018.

5.3 Strive to ensure every school with a military-student enrollment of 25% or more has a parent/family engagement program that aims to improve student achievement by SY 2017–2018.

5.4 Each school will establish one or more community partnerships that expand student learning opportunities and/or promote student physical health and well-being by SY 2017–2018.

“...Happy to see that our school systems are collaborating with the DoDEA efforts to make schools more effective...”