Code Type:

  • NC = No Credit
  • EL = Elective
  • G = Grad. Requirement
  • GC = Computer
  • GD = Second Language
  • GE = Social Studies
  • GF = Fine Arts
  • GG = US Government
  • GH = Health
  • GL = Language Arts
  • GM = Mathematics
  • GP = Physical Education
  • GS = Science
  • GU = US History
  • GV = Careers
  • MS = Middle School
  • SE = Special Education
  • AP = Advanced Placement
  • G-CTE = Career
  • G-CTE/c = Career (c)
  • NC = No Credit
  • RP = Repeat Course
  • REG = Regular Course/Credit
  • W = Weighted
  • MC2 = Multiple Credit 2
  • MC3 = Multiple Credit 3
  • MS = Middle School
  • ES = Elementary School

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PTW501: CarPrac-1 (2013-2014)

CURRICULUM PROGRAM: Career and Technical Education
COURSE TITLE: Career Pract - 1hr
CALENDAR YEAR: 2013-2014

About the Program:
Career Practicum prepares students for their future careers. The course sequence focuses on duties and tasks performed by professionals as well as pre-employment and employment skills.

Major Concepts/Content: Career Practicum is designed to provide school-to-career experiences and training through a work practicum related to their career goal. Important aspects are to provide students an opportunity to acquire an understanding of actual employment settings utilizing their skills and aptitudes, apply problem solving skills in the work environment, develop communication techniques, utilize electronic information systems to search for career information, explore information resources, acquire learning and self-management tools, develop intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. In addition, the exploration of different occupations will aid the students in making important career decisions. Career Practicum extends student educational opportunities beyond the curricular, physical, and financial resources of the school.

Major Instructional Activities: Instructional activities will emphasize the community as a classroom. Every training site provides unique hands-on experiences that are related to students’ particular interests. In addition students will complete job applications, participate in job interviews, prepare a resume with a cover letter, research careers utilizing the Internet as well as traditional means, complete interest and aptitude instruments, participate in career-related classroom activities and develop a career plan with input from the Career Development Coordinator, guidance counselor, and parents.

Major Evaluative Techniques: Student evaluations will include supervisor’s evaluations, coordinator’s evaluations, weekly attendance/time sheets and classroom assignments.

PTW501 Career Practicum I-III Course Description
PTW501 Career Practicum I-III Student Competency Record

Course Notes: Students may not take more than one(1) Career Practium course in a single semester. REPEATABLE. Credit-careers

This course can be used to partially satisfy the requirements for an endorsement in the following pathways.

Cluster | Pathway | Required/Recommended/Related
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics | Sales and Service | Recommended
Government and Public Administration | National Security (JROTC) - Air Force | Recommended
Hospitality and Tourism | Restaurant and Food and Beverage | Recommended
Information Technology | Interactive Media | Recommended
Manufacturing | Manufacturing Production Process Development | Recommended
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics | Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance | Recommended
Government and Public Administration | National Security (JROTC) - Marine | Recommended
Government and Public Administration | National Security (JROTC) - Army | Recommended
Government and Public Administration | National Security (JROTC) - Navy | Recommended
Arts, A/V Technology and Communications | Audio & Video Technology & Film | Recommended
Business, Management and Administration | Administration & Information Support | Recommended
Business, Management and Administration | Business Financial Management and Accounting | Recommended
Health Science | Therapeutic Services | Recommended
Hospitality and Tourism | Lodging | Recommended
Information Technology | Programming/Software Engineering | Recommended
Information Technology | Network Systems | Recommended
Business, Management and Administration | Management | Recommended
Architecture and Construction | Design/Pre-Construction | Recommended