Code Type:

  • NC = No Credit
  • EL = Elective
  • G = Grad. Requirement
  • GC = Computer
  • GD = Second Language
  • GE = Social Studies
  • GF = Fine Arts
  • GG = US Government
  • GH = Health
  • GL = Language Arts
  • GM = Mathematics
  • GP = Physical Education
  • GS = Science
  • GU = US History
  • GV = Careers
  • MS = Middle School
  • SE = Special Education
  • AP = Advanced Placement
  • G-CTE = Career
  • G-CTE/c = Career (c)
  • NC = No Credit
  • RP = Repeat Course
  • REG = Regular Course/Credit
  • W = Weighted
  • MC2 = Multiple Credit 2
  • MC3 = Multiple Credit 3
  • MS = Middle School
  • ES = Elementary School

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FLS401BT: Span IIB (2014-2015)

CURRICULUM PROGRAM: Virtual School Program
COURSE TITLE: Spanish II (Sem 2)
CALENDAR YEAR: 2014-2015

Major Concepts/Content:

This course is a continuation of a beginning level course that will introduce the student to a variety of areas of language learning. In this course, the student will learn listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through activities that are based on pedagogically proven methods of foreign language instruction. Throughout the course, students learn to express themselves using an ever increasing vocabulary, present-tense verbs, articles, and adjectives.

Grammar is introduced and practiced in innovative and interesting ways with a variety of learning styles in mind. Culture is sprinkled throughout the course in an attempt to help the learner focus on the Spanish-speaking world and their culture, people, geographical locations and histories.

DoDEA Spanish II Standards

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of Spanish II, students should be able to:

  • Talk about their daily activities using a wide range of vocabulary and reflexive verbs
  • Use two verbs together
  • Talk about animals and things animals do
  • Talk about what they like to do in their free time
  • Talk about the parts of their body and their function
  • Differentiate between ser and estar and use both verbs to describe people
  • Talk about the past
  • Discuss cultural information about Spanish speaking countries

Course Outline (Semester 1)

Module I: La Rutina Diaria

  • Section A- La Rutina Diaria
  • Section B- Horario
  • Section C- Futuro

Module II: Los Animales

  • Section A- Animales
  • Section B- Preferencias
  • Section C- Trabajadores

Module III: La Diversión

  • Section A- Pasatiempos
  • Section B- Complementos Directos
  • Section C- Superlativos

Module IV: El Cuerpo

  • Section A- El Cuerpo
  • Section B- La Salud
  • Section C- El Pasado

Module V: La Descripción

  • Section A- Nacionalidades
  • Section B- Emociones
  • Section C- Pretérito
  • Section D- Repaso del Semestre

Course Outline (Semester 2)

Essential Software:

(To be announced)


The textbook for Spanish II is:

  • Realidades 2
  • ISBN #0-13-035951-3
  • ISBN #0-13-116317-5
  • Pearson Publishers