Code Type:

  • NC = No Credit
  • EL = Elective
  • G = Grad. Requirement
  • GC = Computer
  • GD = Second Language
  • GE = Social Studies
  • GF = Fine Arts
  • GG = US Government
  • GH = Health
  • GL = Language Arts
  • GM = Mathematics
  • GP = Physical Education
  • GS = Science
  • GU = US History
  • GV = Careers
  • MS = Middle School
  • SE = Special Education
  • AP = Advanced Placement
  • G-CTE = Career
  • G-CTE/c = Career (c)
  • NC = No Credit
  • RP = Repeat Course
  • REG = Regular Course/Credit
  • W = Weighted
  • MC2 = Multiple Credit 2
  • MC3 = Multiple Credit 3
  • MS = Middle School
  • ES = Elementary School

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SSEE01: Soc St 5 (2013-2014)

COURSE TITLE: Social Studies 5 US History and Geography: Making a Nation
CALENDAR YEAR: 2013-2014

Major Concepts/Content: Student will study the development of the American nation to1850. The learning focuses on the influence of physical and cultural environment on national origins, growth, and development. Students learn about the founding of colonial governments, the ideals of the Enlightenment, and the English tradition of self-government. They recognize that a nation has: a constitution and derives its power from the people; gone through a revolution; once sanctioned slavery; experienced conflict over land with the original inhabitants, and experienced a westward movement that took people across the continent.

Major Instructional Activities: Instructional activities include the use of primary and secondary sources. Posing relevant questions about events they encounter in historical documents, eyewitness accounts, oral histories, letter, diaries, artifacts, photographs, maps, artwork, and architecture. Student explain how the present is connected to the past, identifying both similarities and differences between the two, and how things change over time and some things stay the same. Through the use of map learning activities, students will identify the physical characteristics of the places they are studying and explain how those features form the unique character of those places

Major Evaluative Techniques: Evaluation will be comprised of assessments for/of learning in content standards source documents and readings, interpreting various texts, charts and graphs, maps, simulations and project based learning analyzing student learning of major concepts and growth in reading, writing, map and critical thinking skills

Essential Expectations: Upon successful completion of Social Studies 5 US History and Geography: Making a Nation course, the student should be able to:
• Compare and contrast how geography and climate influenced the way various nations lived and adjusted to the natural environment. • Trace the routes of early explorers and describe the early explorations of the Americas, explain the aims, obstacles and accomplishments of the explorers and the reasons why Europeans and others chose to explore and colonize the world. • Describe the cooperation and conflict that existed among the American Indians and between the Indian Nations and the new settlers. • Understand the political, religious, social, and economic institutions that evolved in the colonial era. • Explain the causes, course and consequences of the American Revolution. • Describe the people and events associated with the development of the US Constitution and analyze the Constitution’s significance in the foundation of the American republic. • Analyze the colonization, immigration, and settlement, patterns of American people from 1789 to mid-l800’s, with emphasis on the role of economic incentives, effects of physical and political geography, and transportation systems.