Code Type:

  • NC = No Credit
  • EL = Elective
  • G = Grad. Requirement
  • GC = Computer
  • GD = Second Language
  • GE = Social Studies
  • GF = Fine Arts
  • GG = US Government
  • GH = Health
  • GL = Language Arts
  • GM = Mathematics
  • GP = Physical Education
  • GS = Science
  • GU = US History
  • GV = Careers
  • MS = Middle School
  • SE = Special Education
  • AP = Advanced Placement
  • G-CTE = Career
  • G-CTE/c = Career (c)
  • NC = No Credit
  • RP = Repeat Course
  • REG = Regular Course/Credit
  • W = Weighted
  • MC2 = Multiple Credit 2
  • MC3 = Multiple Credit 3
  • MS = Middle School
  • ES = Elementary School

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PTI3030T: WordProcess Software App (2012-2013)

CURRICULUM PROGRAM: Virtual School Program
COURSE TITLE: Word Processing Software App. (Fall)
CALENDAR YEAR: 2012-2013

About the Program:
Word Processing Software Applications prepares students for careers in business. The course sequence focuses on duties and tasks performed by professionals using word processing software as well as pre-employment and employment skills.

Major Concepts/Content: Word Processing Software Applications provides students with the opportunity to develop professional level skills in word processing software. Skills taught include creating, customizing, managing and organizing documents by using formatting and visual content that is appropriate for the information presented. This may include reviewing, sharing, and securing content.

Major Instructional Activities: Instruction will be provided in a lab utilizing individualized instruction and electronic learning services. Students successfully completing this course will be eligible to take at least one of the user or specialist exams for word processing software certification.

Major Evaluative Techniques: Assessment will be accomplished by checking student work in progress to ensure that each student adheres to the timelines throughout the course and that the assignments are successfully completed. In addition, objective and problem-solving tests, projects and other means deemed appropriate by the facilitator will be used.

PTI303 Word Processing Software App Course Description
PTI303 Word Processing Software App Student Competency Record

Course Objectives:

Course Outline:

The course will review many topics, including:

  • Module 0 - Course Introduction
  • Module 1 - Intro to Computers and Word Processing
  • Module 2 - Adding and Editing Content in a Document
  • Module 3 - Inserting and Formatting Content
  • Module 4 - Inserting, Linking and Modifying Objects
  • Module 5 - Using Advanced Tools
  • Module 6 - Display and Accessibility
  • Module 7 - Create for an Audience Semester Final

Essential Software:

Textbook: The textbook we use throughout the course is a digital textbook located in the online classroom. Please note: this is our main text, however if you are provided with an additional textbook or workbook from your “home” school by all means use them to support your understanding of the concepts presented.

Software: The focus of this course will be the use of Microsoft Office Word to produce a variety of documents.