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English Language Arts (ELA) - FAQ's

How can I help my child develop their literacy skills?

Please visit the Reading Rockets website, where you will find an article by literacy expert, Timothy Shanahan, who shares ways you can help your child develop their reading skills at home.  At this site you will find articles, videos and other resources to help you support your child’s literacy development. 

What are reasonable expectations for my child’s literacy development each instructional year?

DoDEA has developed a parent learning module that contains excellent tips for you to use as you navigate your child’s journey through the years.  DoDEA CCRSL Parent Module: (need to add links to Parent Module – not sure where they go to be linked, can be found from Pitts, Cox or Ewen) 

Do the DoDEA CCRSL reading standards only focus on skills?

In English language arts, the standards require certain critical content for all students, including Classic myths and stories from around the world, founding documents for America, American literature, and Shakespeare.  

What types of texts are recommended for my student to read?

The Standards require certain content for all students. In addition to content, the standards demand that students acquire knowledge in literature and other disciplines through reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. English teachers will still teach literature and literary nonfiction texts that they choose.  The standards focuses on complex texts outside of literature, therefore the standards also ensure students are being prepared to read, write, and research across the curriculum, including in history and science.

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