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Physical Education

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. - John F. Kennedy

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Physical Education

Physical Education is an essential and integral part of the total education program and makes significant contributions toward the achievement of desirable education and health outcomes through the medium of physical activity. Physical education addresses a student's fundamental need for regular physical activity to remain healthy and promotes many of the attitudes and behaviors that reduce health risks, including development of an understanding of the need for appropriate nutrition and physical activity.

Quality physical education programs promote the physical growth and development of all children and youth while contributing to their general health and ability to learn. The DoDEA Physical Education curriculum is based on a planned sequence of experiences in a wide variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities beginning with basic movement concepts and skills and progressing toward more complex game, sport, dance, and other forms of movement and physical fitness activities. In DoDEA, physical education is taught by certified physical education teacher.

Ultimately, through physical education, children and young people display the skills and practices of a physically educated person, achieving their personal performance goals. The child who is well educated physically is likely to become a healthy adult who is motivated to remain healthy. A healthy physically active student is more likely to be academically motivated, alert and successful in school. Throughout, physical education promotes the social skills and cooperation that are increasingly viewed by educators today as essential for success in school


DoDEA envisions students moving competently, enjoying physical activity, developing physical fitness, and pursuing wellness as part of lifelong learning.

Contact Information:

DoDEA Physical Education Coordinator
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria VA 22350-1400