Complete List of DoDEA Courses - SY 2015-16

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This is a complete snapshot of all the courses offered by DoDEA in SY 2015-16. Parents should check with their individual schools to make sure a course found in this list is indeed offered at their school. Not all courses are offered at all DoDEA schools.

Note: Use the drop-down menu below to switch between grades 9-12, grades 5-8, grades K-8, IB courses & AFNORTH

Meets Graduation Requirements: G-CTE = Career & Technology Education, G- SS = Soc Studies, G-FA = Fine Arts, G-E =Elective, G-H = Health, G-ELA = Language Arts, G-M = Math, MS= Middle School, G-PE = Phys Ed, G-S = Science, G-WL = World Language,

G-M Algebra I = Algebra 1, G-M Algebra II = Algebra II, G-M Geometry = Geometry, G-S Biology = Biology, G-S Chemistry = Chemistry, G-S Physics = Physics, G-SS - US Government = US Government, G-SS - Government = Government,

G-SS - US History = US History, G-SS - History = History, G-SS World History = World History, Virtual School (The G means "meets Graduation Requirements")

Course Title: A or B = 9 week Course, AB= 18 wk course (could be used in a wheel), S = indicates a semester course in which 0.5 credit is awarded. In which 50% of the course objectives are defined and taught

Type Column: REG = Regular Course/Credit, RP = Repeat Course, NC = No Credit, W = Weighted, MC = Multiple Credit (1,2,3)

SY 2015-16

The spreadsheet below is provided for reference.

SY 2015-16 Course Codes
Updated 2/20/2015
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The spreadsheets below are provided for reference.

SY 2015-16 Course Codes
Updated 2/20/2015
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